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Low Dosage Accutane? With Pics

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Hey guys, I am an acne sufferer since over a year now. i tried many different things from diet and probably every over the counter cream that exists and again my condition is getting worse.

Here's 2 pics of me right now



It's deep and painful, only thing that helps a little bit is Benzoyl Peroxide which made my skin inflamed and burning.

I went to a see a doctor yesterday who prescribed me Minocycline 100mg/day (without topical?) for 2 months, I'm pretty sure it's going to work but I can't wait to see what's going to happen when I will stop taking it.

I talked with someone earlier who told me that he had mild acne like me, and got rid of it with a low dosage of Accutane.

I know Accutane can be really bad for the health, but I would really want to give a shot. i know my case isn't that severe, but the Acne is so deep under my skin, the redness are always there, it never heals and cyst are getting bigger every time.

What you guys think? Should I stick to Minocycline for few months or should i try Accutane?

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I haven't taken Accutane, but I can tell you that antibiotics are a temporary solution. They may help when you take them, but your acne will come back as soon as you stop. You can't take them forever, and after a while, your bacteria will grow resistant to antibiotics and it will stop working anyway.

Your skin doesn't look that bad, so I wouldn't take Accutane either. I would keep changing your diet for a while, and only take Accutane if your acne gets severe.

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Yeah, that's why I'm totally lost. My acne is probably not severe enough for Accutane. I have been gluten/dairy/nuts/peanuts/grain free for a long time, right now I don't even eat fruit since it contain sugar and my income of carbs is pretty low. Problem is that I'm doing all of these sacrifices and I don't see results.

For now I guess I'll go with Minocycline during the day and proactiv over night, I had okay result


This is my face while on Proactiv, it made my skin super dry and If I moisture my face become SUPER oily so I avoid it. I can't use it twice a day or it burns like crazy.

I guess for now I'll stick with this and wait til my acne get worse to go for Accutane.

I'm 21 now and I finish school at 25, since I'm studying in Business I can't tell you how it's important for me to have a clear face. For now I don't mind really since I'm only studying.

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