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Paleo-Gut Recipe: Wings & Bone Soup

Hello everyone. I am a paleo-gut healing type diet right now, and I just wanted to share this for anyone also on the gut-healing road.

Wings. I have a costco membership, and I get their only bag that's huge. It costs $20 and has 80-120 wings. The only thing in the ingredients is "chicken". I stick it in the freezer and then take them out and put them right in the oven when I'm hungry. They take around 50-70 minutes depending on your oven and how you like them, but you should just follow the directions on whatever bag you buy.

The important thing is not to get wings with sauce because it's all basically high-fructose corn syrup or some kind of shitty oil. I like them plain, but if you really want to make them tastier, put some in a big bag (fill the bag almost to max so you dont need alot of sauce), and put in whatever you like such as:

  • extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil

  • pepper

  • squeezed lemon

  • your favorite "safe" version of barbeque, teriyaki, hot sauce, dressing, etc.

  • your favorite type of butter, ghee, whatever

The best thing about wings for this diet is that not only are you getting a great source of protein, but you can then reuse the bones to make bone soup. Bone soup is great for people who avoid dairy because when you avoid dairy it's have to get calcium and fermented, probiotic foods. This has both in significant amounts. And it's easy to make.

Just take the wings when you are done eating them, and throw them right in a pot with purified water. When all the wing bones are in the pot, put a splash of apple cider vinegar in. I'm not sure the science behind it, but the apple cider vinegar helps to suck the nutrients from the bones into the water that you will be drinking.

Put any other low fodmap vegetables or spices in the pot.

Put on stove. Bring to boil. Once boiling, turn it down to low and leave for anywhere from 4-24 hours, the longer the better.

When it's done you'll want to strain it into a bowl or jar. I find that it is best when it's still hot. You can store it in the fridge for about a week. It gets a weird film in it that is normal. I'm not sure if it's good to eat it, but I just take it out.

Anyway, let me know if you try it.

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