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Does Anyone Else Have Bumps/cysts In Their Armpits, Groin Area, Vaginal Area, And Chest

I have had bumps/cysts inbetween my breasts, in my armpits and in other private places. I was on accutane years ago, it did no good any suggestions? I have had these so long i just live with it but it is embarrassing and i would love to get rid of them!!

any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appriciated!!

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This sounds like folliculitis, which looks like acne but is not actually acne. It is a yeast overgrowth problem. This tends to occur in the places you are describing.

What I would recommend doing is getting some Betadine ($6 at WalMart). It is the only over the counter topical that will kill yeast. Now this is an inconvenient process so I recommend you do this at night before a shower. Sit in the tub and apply betadine to all affected areas. Don't just spot-treat, spread it all around the area where the yeast could spread to. Let it sit for a full 90 seconds on each area. Betadine is great at killing yeast but you do need to wait the full 90 seconds. Then take your shower.

Do this daily for at least 2 weeks.

Betadine has a temporary orange stain that takes 5-15 minutes to fade after your shower.

The second thing you need to do is take a yeast-fighting supplement to help your body regain its ability to kill excess yeast. I would recommend you take one of these supplements for at least 3 months. Building up your yeast support internally takes time. Here are the ones I recommend:

- Renew Life Yeast Support (also goes under the name Vaginal Support): http://www.amazon.co...enew life yeast


- NOW Candida Clear: http://www.amazon.co...ords=anti yeast

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I've experienced this many years ago, back in the mid 80's. I had what appeared to be "boil like" cysts under my arms, a few in the groin (thankfully not alot).

I ended up at a dermatologist who injected each of them with cortisone (yes, it was painful) but he said I had to come back every so often for more injections.

I ended up talking with a distant relative who referred me to a plastic surgeon (yes, you read right) who saw me and told me that I had something called "hydrodenitis" (hope I spelled that right). It turned out to be an infection in my sweat glands. He said that the condition would and can produce cystic lumps under the arms and all the areas you mentioned. Long story short, I ended up having surgery (this was in the day when they kept you overnight) and had my sweat glands removed under my arms and all of them removed. This was the best thing that could have happened to me.

I no longer grow hair under my arms, nor do I sweat, although I do more in other areas. No longer need any kind of deodorant either.

You can google this condition and perhaps talk to your physician, but this certainly sounds like this may be your problem. If so, there is a fix and you will be glad you were able to say goodbye to them for good.

Hope this in formation is of some help to you.

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