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Hello. I am interested in purchasing a fiber supplement to help my BM along. I have recently cut back on Paleo as i was losing way too much weight (added back in rice and sweet potatoes). I know the general consensus is to up the veggie intake which i have been doing (my daily green smoothies and salads) but its still not enough as my BM are usually once a day and not quite solid as i'd like them.

Can someone recommend a good supplement (gluten free of course).

In regards to other supplements i am taking, i have given up on my holistic person after 2 months as i believe he is experimenting on me.

I will continue to take the following supplements until i run out:

Fish Oil Pills

Quercertin (anti-inflammatory)

Vitamin A 20000 (skin support)

Diabatrol (blood sugar support)

Zinc 50 mg


Digestive Support Supplements

Hoping to get some responses


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Magnesium -- at least 400 mg/day. It's best to take it on an empty stomach so it doesn't neutralize your stomach acid when you are digesting a meal. The best forms are magnesium citrate, glycinate, and taurate.

What's in your 'digestive support' supplement?

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What I tried for better BMs but didn't work

-Benefiber fiber supp

-Metamucil powder

-Just eating lots of fiber

-MSM supp

-Prune juice

-OTC laxatives (well, they kind of work, but not something you can do long-term)

-Downing lots of warm water

What did work for me was the current probiotic I am taking. Probably not what you want to hear since you're already taking a probiotic. But other probiotic pills never affected my BMs, this one does. It's either one of the strains that included and/or it's the sheer number of cultures. Ultimate Flora Critical Care, 50 bill cultures, 10 strains. Started having regular soft BMs after 3 days, and it's been that way ever since. TMI I know tongue.png

Since I saw such a dramatic difference and I definitely don't get "enough fiber", I'm starting to think the fiber thing is a bit of a crock, and it's really about having the right bacteria in your system to give you good BMs.

If you want a quick fix I did find that Milk of Magnesia does it.

Also taking an epsom salts bath will CLEAR you out. Be careful with the epsom salts bath though. First time I ever did it, I used the recommended 2 cups epsom salts in a full bath. It's a saline laxative and is practically absorbed into your body. It made my intestines clench in on themselves for 3 hours. I had massive diarrhea and threw up my last meal. I tried it again a few weeks later with only one cup and had no negative side effects.

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Probiotic pills are mostly useless, because most of the bacteria are most likely to die from the stomach acid before it can actually help you, but you could take it on an empty stomach in order to reduce the acid or drink goat milk instead of cows which it helps the good bacteria stay alive.. (alternative to probiotic food) What you want to do is eat food with prebiotic those will actually help you more. These prebiotic helps with your current good bacteria expand thus you will absorb more nutrients. I would never trust synthetic vitamins. Eat some food with antioxidants those will surely help you like white tea. 100 white tea bags is like $4! White tea contains more EGCG concentration, but you have to have other antioxidants together not just one. Everything looks ok so far. Just make sure the synthetic drug your taking doesn't contain fillers. Fish oil is ok =). IDk about the Quercertin so you can do research about it. Just make sure that it doesn't have properties that thins out the blood like omega 3. Make sure you don't take any anti coagulants drug with omega 3.

You keep posting this same thing...

Quality probiotics are encapsuled in a coated capsule that enables it to pass through the stomach and reach the small intestine successfully.

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I wouldn't recommend a fiber supplement, and honestly I think you are going down the wrong path with this. But if you've made up your mind already, Yerba Prima makes a psyllium supplement that is gluten free.

Fiber really isn't the way, though. In fact, in some people it causes more problems and is hard on the intestines.

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