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I just wanted to ask if you can perform a Full-Face TCA-Peeling 20% when having some pimples?

I mean, everybody has a few spots on their face always, so I figured that it cant be that dangerous, if you peel, since a lot of people do so and they never have no pimples at all on their face when performing the peel. Am I right?

On the other hand it is said that you shouldn´t use a peel whilst still having acne. So does that mean now that you shouldn´t have pimples or not?

I am confused.

In what state should the skin be when performing a peel in order to avoid scarring?


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If its just the odd spot on your face id go for it, ive done many tca peels and had the odd one or two spots on my face it just dried them out and peeled with the rest of the skin no damage, however if it is mild/moderate or even severe i wouldnt chance it. Good luck with it.

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Can anybody answer the question why I have to wash my face regularly after performing a TCA-Peel?

Is this really necessary?

I mean, after washing your face you are instructed to apply an oily ointment, cream etc. immediatly afterwards. So a few minutes after cleaning your face its coated with oil and grease again. So what is th point in cleaning it in the first run?

Is it okay to start with regular cleansing 36 hours after the TCA Peel. Or is that too late?

PS: I had two layers of TCA 20%.

I hoping for some advice. Many thanks in advance!

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