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Sudden Breakouts Due To Eating Meat?


I'm a seventeen year old guy, and up until a couple months ago, I've been a pescetarian (I eat fish, eggs, and dairy products, but no chicken, beef, etc) for four years. I have never had any problems with acne at all. I'd get a pimple here or there, but nothing very serious. People even used to talk about how clear my skin was.

However, around the time that I stopped being a pescetarian, I've been experiencing spontaneous breakouts on my cheeks (the left is more severe than the right). The breakouts are restricted to my cheeks only--my forehead, chin, and the rest of my face is relatively normal. Also, I've found that certain products I used on my skin before just add to the breakouts. As of now, just mild soap has kept the breakouts to a minimum. I've tried different moisturizers and facial washes, but none seem to work.

In any event, I was wondering if eating meat was the cause of such breakouts. I can't really think of any other reason that may have caused it. Oh, and I don't eat particularly unhealthily--though I eat meat, it is never fried, and I stay away from red meats. Is turning back to pescetarianism (is that a word?), the only way of resolving this problem? I'm really hesitant to go back because it was quite the hassle with protein upkeep and all. If anyone could offer alternatives, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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I've been doing research in my personal time, and I've formed a hypothesis about my situation. I don't think the problem is that I'm eating meat--I think the problem is that I'm not eating fish. Fish contains high amounts of Vitamin D, and it made up 95% of my diet as a pescetarian. Vitamin D, as most of you may know, is said to be associated with acne. I looked it up and found a study that showed 47% of 123 people cured their acne just by taking Vitamin D supplements. Since I'm no longer getting as much Vitamin D that my body is used to, I've started to get mild breakouts. After a lot of contemplation, I really think this is the cause. I bought some cod liver oil today (sounds nasty, I know), and I'm hoping to see some results in the next few weeks. If my hypothesis is right, then hopefully my skin will clear up sometime soon.

@whoartthou1 Thanks fir your help, though.

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