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"acne Safe" Beard Conditioner?

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I have a short beard (trim it at level 2.5) that bother's my girlfriend when we kiss. I was going to try to grow it a bit longer to help manage the issue, but I also heard that there are some conditioner's that may soften my beard.

Does anyone have a suggestion of a conditioner or oil that would be safe to use without (hopefully) breaking me out? Or any other helpful ideas for those who have had this issue?

I was looking at this earlier: Botanical Skin Works Bay Lime Beard Conditioning Oil


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Guest T.M.

Its a tough one. I think most products specifically for that kind of thing wouldn't really be catered for acne prone skin so might be pretty comedogenic. The one you linked to seem to have a lot of essential oils which might irritant your skin. I've used products that contain so called comedogenic ingredients without any trouble. I think there's more to it that just looking at ingredients though. Everyone is different. You might have luck with something like what you've posted.

Maybe look into what cleanser you using and go with something a bit more moisturising/hydrating or a moisturiser might work. You might have more luck finding a moisturiser that won't break you out rather than something specifically made for softening a beard.

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