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Struggling And Hi

Hi! Im julie. Im trying to stay positive though sometimes i dwell on the meaning of acne. I absoloutely hate it. And im 14. I know that its probably the hormones la di da di da BUt it just affects me so much. I dont get cystic acne but it seems that the areas where i used to have acne are just red and just weird. I havent seen anyone with the same condition as me. I would love to go to the doctors but i dont know how to ask my parents. It just really hard. Ithink ill post a pic later on. But for now..

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I know how you feel :) When I was your age (I'm 21 now) I wanted my mom to take me to a dermatologist because nothing that she got me over-the-counter worked... I knew a friend of mine was seeing one, and I told my mom about her and how she's happy with the doctor (although that was not a very good doctor and I;ve switched doctors a couple of times since then). Depending on which of your parents you're closer with or feel more comfortable with, tell them you have something you want to talk to them about but you are not sure how to talk about it.... And then you can just try and tell them how you feel about it and how you think you could use some professional help with it.

Telling your parents how you feel about acne is not easy. Mine, for example, are not used to talking over feelings and they usually react with anger at first but then it's actually fear/worry and not anger that they feel. Your parents might panic or might not, because you are their child and they might feel frightened for you. They might also dismiss your concerns but be persistent and explain to them why you think you need to see a doctor.

There are lots of people with the same condition as you and you are not alone. I sometimes feel I'm alone, too, but then I remind myself that they cannot be making that many different drugs for it if there are not many people suffering from acne. It's hard and it's crap lots of the time but treatment is available and you should use it. You might have to try different treatments, and a lot of things depend on the whole of your body and life. My acne started when I was 12 (or maybe earlier but I don't remember) .... and it's been there all this time and it varied and changed with me. This year, for example, it went out of control but I'd been extermely stressed. And, after an awful breakout, it's almost gone (I'd say 90%). Now I'm moving from using topical treatments on almost the whole of my face to using them only on the few zits I get when I'm on my period or don't get enough sleep.

And acne can get to you even when you're older and your hormones aren't as crazy - a visit to a dermatologist would usually make me very emotional and would almost always make me want to cry. It's not easy when you have a condition that affects your looks and thus your self esteem. I can only tell you that I know for a fact that I personally see my kin as 10 times worse than it actually is. But the most important thing is for you to be comfortable with it. And I think that seeing a doctor and getting treatment will in itself help you because you will know you are doing something to get rid of it :)

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Hi Julie, please don't worry about how to broach the subject with your parents. Just tell them you're unhappy with your skin and you'd like to see your Dr. Keep it simple and straight forward.

We all 100% understand how you feel regarding your skin, it's caused endless hours of distress for most of us. You're not alone and I'm glad you've found Acne.org to help you on your journey.

Have you tried any treatments yet?

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I'm only 13, and I went to the dermatologist when I was 10 or 11, and they wanted to put me on some really intense stuff that I freaked out about and have refused to go since. I recentley asked my mom if I could go again, as I felt like my acne had changed and my current medication was drying me out to much. I felt so much better after I told her, and I'm actually looking forward to my appointment. Good luck with your parents!

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