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Perioral Dermatitis Confirmed!

So today I have been diagnosed with perioral dermatitis. I used to have moderate acne now it's very mild, so I am on tri cyclin and I was using clindoyxl for my pimples. I got a small rash in may and wen I went to my family doc, she told me it was "contact dermatitis" and

Prescribed me betaderm. Which is a cortisone cream (steroid) I used it and it went away almost right away which seemed like a miracle. Over the next months I developed a small rash here and there and just used my cream. Last week I got one as well and put the cream on. It didn't seem to help it do when I went back to m doctor she told me to keep using the cream. I did for a few days only to realize something's wrong. It spread to te whole bottom half of my face. I stopped and went to another doc who gave me minocycline and thought they where pimples. It spread to almost my entire face in a week. I went to a dermatologist because I knew what this was. She gave me more minocycline and metrogel. I also have been toning with apple cidar vinegar as I heard this helps. I will write to let everyone know my progress hoping

This will help someone else in the future!

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Alright, so today is the 4th day after visiting my dermatologist. So far I'd say my rash is about 50% better already. Although I am giving a big hand to apple cidar vinegar. I have been dabbing it on my face twice a day (sometimes 3 if I had to wear makeup for work) and the bumps have changed. They are flatter, smaller, and

Less of them. It doesn't hurt any longer to open my mouth wide. They are starting to dry up and shrink away. Here is my regime : wash face with warm water, tone with acv, apply metrogel. And I take a zinc supplement along with two times a day minocycline.

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So it's been almost a month since that rash exploded on my face so I thought time for an update. I have been on minocycline for a couple weeks, as well as metro gel. I've also been using raw apple cider vinegar on my face as well. I'd say my rash is 90% better than when it was at its worst. I have a little red and a few small bumps. Where my rash orginially started there Is nothing. I dilute my vinegar with water and put it on my face 3 times a day before the metro gel. I found this works the best, but I think to get the rash gone for good oral antibiotics are

The best

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