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Hey all.

I don't have acne, but I do get bloody annoying groups of spots I'm trying to get rid of regularly.

I've tried:

  • Anything Clearasil makes, from pads to foam - At best, does nothing. Usually makes it much worse.

  • Witch gel and sticks - While worked great at first, now just makes things worse

  • "Stop that spot" stuff Boots makes - Same as above, but makes the area above my lip sore and dry

  • Change of diet to get rid of milk (which I have some odd problems with), eat 5 a day, lots of water etc - Worked great at first, now does nothing

  • Countless other smaller brands I cannot remember the name of with no success

I'm really not sure where to go next. My spots are mostly on my upper cheeks and above my lips. There have been times where everything is completely clear but hasn't lasted long. I can't help but wonder if I have some sort of allergy.

I was going to try Panoxyl 10% but lots of people seem to recommend against it on here. I have yet to try Benzoyl Peroxide-based stuff so that seems hopeful. I have Oxy 2.5% coming through the post soon but Oxy 5% and 10% no longer seem to be available in the UK.

Any ideas?

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Okay the Oxy 2.5% Bp On The Spot is coming in a few days, will report back as to how it goes.

Have also ordered the UK version of Panoxyl 5% Bp so I'll step it up if the Oxy does not work.

EDIT: Cancelled order because it appears to have been discontinued. Will probably try Quinoderm 5% Bp.

EDIT2: Is Panoxyl 10% Bp too high if the 2.5 doesn't work? Considering I've honestly tried EVERYTHING with no luck I might try it.

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