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Can Severe Scarring Be Cleared With Natural Products?

I have lots of scarring left over from a very terrible break out I had a few months ago. I have lots of small boxcar, a few icepick, and a few rolling scars as well as loads of hyper-pigmentation marks all over my face. So while my skin has improved (I'm treating it holistically), it still looks bad due to all the scarring. I've been using MSM cream, manuka honey, and aloe vera gel; sometimes I'll use lemon juice as well. I did see improvement for the first two months, however it now seems like my skin has plateaued, I'm not seeing any more impovement (and to make things worse, I've started breaking out again in my chin area). So I don't really know what to do now..should I continue with these ingredients? Is there anything else out there that might get rid of all of this scarring? Can damaged skin ever go back to it's pre-scarring state...is there still hope for me? I would hate to have to resort to chemical peels or surgeries, but I'm getting desperate...

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.

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The biggest thing I have noticed for scarring is diet. The better my diet, the faster my scars seem to heal up and vanish. I eat a high raw diet with tons of greens, healthy fats, some protein and lots of living foods like sprouts.

I really believe it's the raw food, because there were threads on the raw forums about how scars disappeared after a few months raw.

Other than my diet, I think exfoliating with baking soda a couple times a week helps a lot too.

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