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Hi all, I'm new to this forum but I have followed a Regimen for several years smile.png

So here is my story.

I'm a 16 year old girl. I've been suffering with acne since the age of 12 where it was borderline severe. My back, chest and face was covered in painful cysts but after becoming fed up at the age of 14 I discovered a product called Panoxyl 10 Aquagel which has help my acne to the extent where I just suffer blemishes/pimples and the occasional breakout on my face. My back and chest has been clear for a year.

My regimen consists of Clean & Clear Exfoltiating Facial Wash then followed by Panoxyl 10 Aquagel.

Now this is where I need help, my Panoxyl dries my skin out severely (to the extent where it itches and feels tight). I have very sensitive skin and usually when I use moisturiser it burns and I turn red for a few days.

(Just to add I have tried using the 5% BP Panoxyl but it doesn't control my breakouts at all!)

Can anyone recommend any moisturisers for sensitive, dry skin? When I use products with oil in I break out very bad.

My cream is 10% BP so will this be causing the burning?

Thanks for reading surprised.gif

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Guest T.M.

Have a look in the reviews. Its very hard to recommend a moisturiser. What have you been using? Cerave is pretty popular on here.

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