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Perfect Regimen. Combo Skin.

I just started my OWN regimen. That i follow everyday, NOT only too ensure i have no break outs. But for least complications & aggravation.

Step one.

Stop picking pimples. Big ones, Cyst, Small ones(unless you know how to extract, and clean it). Etc.

1) Wash face with a foaming cleanser that has a foam pump, this will give you tiny tiny tiny micro suds that will just graze over your face. I use Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash with Organic Tea Tree Oil and Awapuhi. Always have. At first i didn't know if this cleanser was too rough for my skin or was too drying but i'm in love with it now.

2) DO NOT Rub. Do not push into pimples as in do not rub it into pimples. Simply graze over your face, because since it is a foaming cleanser IT WILL strip your skin of everything. I just dot my face with this cleanser so their is no rubbing at all for me. And i wait atleast 10 seconds until i rinse it off with not luke or warm or hot or cold water, but water that is almost normal room temperature, when it's not exactly cold or luke warm but in the middle of those two. And i never let my hands meet my face simply splash ten times. ( i use a very generous ammount of water while washing my face to ensure no residue,duh.)

3) I use a paper towel ANYTHING CLEAN. (Be aware of towels with those things on them that rub your skin, THIS WILL AGGRAVATE YOUR SKIN NOT EXFOLIATE & Detergents & softners are bad. Chemicals. Bad.) And just place the paper towel(preferably) and gently tap your face into it until your paper towel has soaked up the water. The least ammount of irritation helps.

4) MOST IMPORTANT FOR ME. And possibly you! I take a blow dryer. yes a blow dryer. On the cool setting/button. Place 1-3 inches away from face you can use any strength. I use low not high but you can whatever is faster. And you see how i almost never rub or touch my face with my fingers. And until your face is tight dry( GOOD THING ).

5) Simply skip the face moisturizer. And let your skin produce it's own oils on CLEAN,FRESH,TIGHT, skin. The tightness is 1-10 ,10 being the most uncomfortable, it's really a 4. I got use to this, but you must MUST get use to it to, to see actual results. The blow dryer will gradually dry out the pimples, causing it too flaky and dry out, THIS IS GOOD. DO NOT PICK AT IT. Your fingers are your worst enemy when it comes too pimples, the risk of pushing bacteria deeper is BAD. So nononoonon. Do NOT! Let it dry out til it just flakes off. In about 10-20 minutes, your face will have little sparkles on them. Those are your pores doing it's job creating it's own oils which WILL NOT CLOG THEM. When your skin produces oil it acts as a barrier so it keeps stuff out and keeps moisture/oil in.

6) This is just what i do. DO NOT STARE AT YOUR PORES. Or any places that are unsightly, this will cause ALOT of low self esteem and will make you pick at it. Do not. Skin will heal.

I finally learned too love oil on my face. Theirs always been this thought in my mind that if your face produces it's own oils that it will make you break out. Not true. Stop wasting your time rubbing, picking, exfoliating, your skin too death and let it do it's own job. Just simply CLEAN it, Clean your skin. And then leave it alone, let it do it's own thing, ya know? Lets get back too the basics. And stop wasting so much money on chemicals & fancy labels. That do not work aye.

Xoxox RandyMLay.

And also eating right, taking vitamins like (E,A)

And investing in something like Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar(Take 2 times with a spoon) in the morning/Afternoon/night. Or after meals.

What I Eat: 1 stalk of celery. Anything DARK DARK DARK Green. Like basil ANYTHING. And eat those together. Because Dark green vegetables have a very bad after taste and it will be hard to swallow. So the celerys water will help you digest the dark coloured veggy.

And i also take vitamin e oil supplements. The soft gel ones. 432 mg i think. Three times a day. The most you can take is 1000mg. But aye good measure. 432x3=1296. yeaaaaahhhh. whatevar. And it should contain all of the kinds of vitamin e's. Their are four. One is synthetic i think but that's okay. Synthetic does sound kindof sketchy but the rest of it is good. Will help heal acne marks and fight free radicals from pollution/sun.

OH AND BIG GIANT CARROTS! MAKE SURE TOO PEEL THEM. Dirt and stuff is on that. Unless you like that! eusa_think.gif

Maybe i should buy some red carrots. I heard those are better then regular orange ones. Hmmmmm. idk. Maybe!

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