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Hello, here's another Accutane diary, probably very similar to the many others on here, but hey.

My name is Ava, I'm from Britain, I'm 15 years and have been suffering from acne since the age of 11, and its been getting progressively worse. Its mainly cystic and pustular, but I'm also littered with whiteheads, spreading to my back.

My acne-ridden life isn't very original, and my displeasure is completely led by my vanity- it's just hard when I'm surrounded by my beautiful baby-skinned friends.

SO, I went to my GP where I was prescribed a load of stuff, but I won't list them for you.

I then went to a dermatologist and had a third antibiotic prescribed called Erythomycin. I had talked to him about Accutane, but I wasn't that keen at first, Anyway,the antibiotic gave me a rash, which was annoying because it seemed to be working on the acne :/ So we decided on Accutane and here I am! I've been prescribed 30g a day, but I;m hoping it will be bumped up to 40g at my next appointment

I've been on it for two weeks now, and am experiencing quite dry skin and lips, a little lower back ache, but thats all so far- but in two weeks I've barely touched the surface right? I can't wait for it to get going- despite dreading the IB sad.png

Hope someone finds this blog useful smile.png


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Day 24

Looking at those photos makes me wanna take them off. And they are actually quite flattering for my skin :')

Anyway, no new side effects, just feeling particularly crap, but not in a depressed way or anything :')

Dry skin, lips, and I think the initial breakout may be starting... well, there is definitely no improvement at the moment.

But it's not even the end of the first month, so i guess I just need some patience.

How long did it take you to see results?

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How long did it take you to see results?
I noticed the effect after two months or so and had clear face after 4 or 5 months.

ahh cheers :) that sounds good, thanks for replying!

Day 27

Getting very flaky skin now, and lips die without Vaseline every 10 minutes or so. I have to check my skin for flakes constantly too, ehich is kinda gross.

I am moisturizing in the morning, when I get back from school and before bed- but the flakes keep coming back!!! Any tips?!

Hair is also feeling a lot drier, which could be seen as a bonus- not looking greasy at all!

I will post some photos of my skin tomorrow- I have quite a few on my cheeks, the corners of my mouth and my forehead... but my back and chest have already seemed to really clear up! Makes me think I shouldn't be applying/washing my face so much, like my back, because that's cleared so quickly... should I give this a try?

Also, is exfoliating dangerous for your skin on Accutane? I know its gets much more delicate and sensitive, but these flakes are so damn irritating.

What exfoliator would you recommend? I've been using salt and jojoba oil...

Thanks in advance!

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