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I've been on the regimen for about a month and a half. Started off initially with the Neutrogena On-the-Spot and the Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer. I made the switch to Dan's BP, and started seeing results much more quickly.

I have pretty bad bacne too, so I decided to order the AHA. It's been giving pretty good results on my back, so I started spot-treating on my face. My face has since flipped out.

A little background info-got my first zit at 10, have been breaking out steadily since. Took three separate rounds of Accutane (2 before they got strict with the birth control-it was early days). The Accutane would prevent zits for about 6 months, then the breakouts would start again.

I finally found a dermatologist who could clear me up. He had me on doxycycline, birth control, and two different topicals (forget their names). Those, plus the combination of oil-free Lancome makeup and makeup remover (and good old Cetaphil) finally cleared my skin. It was perfect for about 3 blissful years.

Fast-forward to about two years ago. The boyfriend accidentally bought me an oil-based Lancome foundation, and I started having major cycstic acne. I'd been making some health changes since then too (somewhat in an attempt to clear my skin), and decided to quit the birth control, because I didn't want the hormones. A friend recommended quitting for clearing acne as well. So I got off it. It's been almost 2 years for that as well, which I assumed would be long enough for the hormones to balance back out. They have not, if my skin is any indication. And as of right now, I have no plans of getting back on it (dumped that Lancome pretty quickly too).

I've done the anti-fungal diet (which helped a little, to clean up my gut), colon cleanses, saunas/steam rooms, avoiding dairy, sugar, alcohol, makeup, perfume, etc. I've done detox supplements, all-natural cleansers and moisturizers, african black soap, facials, etc. You name it, I've most likely tried it. I should also note I have extremely sensitive skin. If you look at it wrong, it will break out.

So, I found acne.org and was really encouraged by what I read. So far, the regimen has been working. I'm following it, and I'm seeing an improvement. Granted, this has essentially been a lifelong batte, so I realize I've got an uphill climb.

I am currently extremely discouraged and frustrated with the AHA. I have been applying it on my back with no problem. I even did the patch test under my jawline and had no response. So I started spot-treating. I've been spot-treating for about 2 weeks, and then within the past week, I started getting red welts where I'd applied it. I would notice a zit starting, apply the AHA, feel some burning, and then I'd have a little red welt the next morning where the pimple had been.

Last night was the worst. I applied some on my jawline where I'd had some small ones forming, and it's been itching since 10pm last night. I want to claw my skin off it's driving me so crazy. It's formed a crust and when that flakes off, it's red and itchy again and I'm noticing some fluid coming from where the skin cracked/flaked off. ?????

My purpose in writing all of this is to get some clarity on exactly how much AHA to use on the face (if at all). Dan is so thorough with all of his other application instructions, but I feel like the AHA application is so vague.

  • Exactly how much to "spot-treat"?

  • Every night or every few nights?

  • If I'm allergic, why isn't it affecting my back (and chest)?

I'm deeply, deeply frustrated, and feeling very discouraged. I have followed this regimen to the letter, and I feel like this AHA mess has taken me 3 steps back.

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You must feel so frustrated! Your facial response to AHA certainly sounds like an allergic reaction but like you said, how can that be when you comfortably use it on your back with no ill effects. The only other thing is that you are also using BP on your face which may be causing the skin in that area to be extra sensitive.

I can only pass on my experience with AHA, but I certainly can't pretend to know whats going on in your situation.

When I first started using AHA (about 4 weeks into starting DKR) I applied a dollup (technical scientific measurement) mixed in with Dan's moisturiser all over my face. It burnt and stung like nothing else. I remember waking up around 2am, feeling like my skin was burning off and I had to get up and put on a layer of dan's moisturiser and jojoba oil before going back to sleep. In the morning, my face was rough and very red in all the crease marks (sides of nose, mouth etc), but the rest of my face was fine. I gave my face a rest for a couple of days and did it again with the exact same reaction. I kept it up (while experiencing another breakout caused by the AHA+) but I slowly increased the amount of times a week I applied the AHA+. By the end of 3 weeks I was applying it by itself every second day and my skin was looking and feeling great.

So basically what i'm saying is that it took time for my skin to adjust, and it caused me to break out again and get really dry, red and sensitive in areas of my face, but eventually my skin got used to it and the AHA+ started to work its magic. It still burns and stings like crazy when I put it on ( i now apply it every night) but I LOVE the sensation now, as I know its doing its thing.

I hope my experience with AHA+ helps you in some way. I wouldnt worry too much about the red patches, it sounds like you may be applying it too often before your skin is used to it (remembering its already a little sensitive with the BP). Rather than spot treat, perhaps try to apply it all over your face (mixed in with moisturiser at first and then build up). Don't apply every day - try every 3 days at first.

Let us know how you get on and good luck.

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Thank you for the tips! I've read so many good things about AHA on here, so I was very excited about it. I backed off from it altogether on my face, and it's been much better this week. It works miracles on my back, so maybe I'll try it again once things are really under control.

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