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Accutane Journey For A Recent College Grad

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I am excited to begin this post because it means I finally have started on Accutane (clarivis)! My acne journey is much like most of yours. Started struggling with my skin in my teens (I am now 22) and have tried everythig on the sun. The most frustraing part about my skin is its unreliability. Sometimes I was mostly clear, other times I was a mess, and what my regimen was did not really matter. ALSO my biggest problem is that I am a SERIAL PICKER! I could stay in front of the mirror for an hour, especially if I am stressed out. It's addicting and I need to stop. SO finally I have taken the plunge to get on accutane and I could not be more ready and more excited (especially since my insurance came through). I've been visiting this website for a long time and now I can contribute!!


Wash- Neutrogena grapefruit acne cleanser

Topical- Epiduo

Diet- I have recently eliminated dairy to try to clear up my skin and avoid the dreaded IB

Dose- Currently on 40 mg!

Make-up- Benefit cosmetics Oh Wow foundation (Used to use bareminerals and it broke me out really bad, thinking I'm allergic to the bismuth like some are)


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Its nice to see some one with exactly the same situation as me. 22 "come and go" acne and a notorious picker. I started Accutane a week ago so I'll be following yours :)


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I'm also a recent grad and will be beginning accutane on the 28th! Good luck. Hopefully this will clear us both for good!

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