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Laviv Just Starting Procedure

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Yah I hope this helps people who are on the fence with this procedure, I still have my doubts, but so far so good. Doctor is Dr. Goldman in San Diego, GBK Derm. 36 hours after the procedure, the swelling has all but subsided. Although there is still apparent bruising that is slowly disappearing, and some needle injection spots, but other than that nothing too obvious. So fairly easy procedure over a 24-72 hour period. I suggest having at least 1-2 days of rest, 24 hours after you're still pretty swollen and it's still pretty obvious that you had something done. I changed up my diet to include animal protein/cottage/cheese avocado, as well as whole milk. Trying to go with foods that promote growth as much as possible, who knows if it works, but for gaining mass these usually work pretty good so we'll see(this is in addition to the VitaPack EmergenC's I'm taking one a day as well.) Attached are pictures from 36 hours,




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Please reply with feedback. I just had my consultation with Dr. Goldman today and I'm planning to do Laviv. I'm definitely skeptical but looking for more feedback & result photos before I commit. Thanks for your help! Good luck on your treatments.

So. I just had the procedure done. It took a very long time for my cells to become available to grow, then be subjected to QC, then finally schedule for appointment. I had my biopsy performed on September 21st, 2012. Procedure done on March 26th, 2013. It apparently took until January 8th to get enough cells, then until February 21st for QC to be finished, then finally setting up an appointment and having the procedure. I'll just dive into the procedure thus far that I experienced.

1. Arrive at the doctor, and have the nurse basically lather you with lidocaine, it's pretty thick jelly, and takes about 30 minutes to fully kick in. I'm learning not to touch your face at all during this period, because if it gets on your lips, your lips are going to be pretty numb for about 1.5 hours or more for me...

2. You sit in a waiting area for the lidocaine to kick in. Next, they take you to the room they perform the injections in. The lidocaine is removed and wiped away with what appears to be water or alcohol, then your skin is subsequently sterilized with what appears to be 10% bleach. Then you wait.

3. Doctor comes in, unveils your 2 mL's of cells that he is about to inject. Your face is pretty numb at this point. He proceeds to perform injections. You can definitely feel the needles though, and some injections are a little more intense than others. After performing the injections it looks like a bunch of bee stings, the technical term is a "wheal", which is just a site injected with a small amount of liquid. Don't freak out too much at this point, it only took about an hour for me for the bumps of liquid to go down and become absorbed I suppose.

4. Upon looking at my face some, two or three areas appears to have some bruising. Swelling appears to play a role as well, keep in mind it's only been about an hour since injections. The main thing still is the lidocaine hasn't appeared to have worn off yet, but maybe in an hour or two it will and the swelling/pain will become much more apparent.

5. I'm attaching images so you can judge for yourself and compare to my first post. We'll see how everything turns out.


happy to see you back for sharing. If I have money, I will surely consider this one

Thank you for the details :-)

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i'll update on my experience. I'll report everything fully in June, after I have my last injection. I've only had one thus far...about 50% improvement on one side, and about 20% improvement on other side. I believe the initial first week after the injection is really important, check out this paper, http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/dsu.12204/full . The authors state that the subjects were on a strict 7 day regimen following the injections, aka, keep the sites as untouched as possible, no water/products/touching/rubbing, etc. I tend to agree with this. I noticed I was less than careful and the initial improvements seemed to subside, despite the fact that the face didn't appear to be swollen at all....So my next two rounds of injections I'm going to be much more careful. The authors state that "distensible atrophic acne scars" had the best result. These are scars that "disappear" if you can stretch the skin and the scars go away, (basically due to the loss of tissue) Ice-pick scars are too deep for any effect I think. It just takes too long to fill in. Although it looks like years after the injections there are still improvements...probably due to the slower production of collagen in older patients that were used in the study though rather than a proliferation of cells. I'm keeping some photo records of the procedure that I'll put up after the procedure is completed to chronicle the experience fully, including dietary information, etc.


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Quick photo update summarizing the process.

My current protocol post-treatment.

1. Diet-Eggs/animal protein/daily vitamin/oranges/mixed greens

2. No touching of face 48 hrs

3. Light wash under shower head of face after 48 hrs.

4. No physical activity for 1 week.

5. No products or washing of face for 1 week.


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awesome! looks pretty good so far. that took quite a while for your cells to be ready. i really want this procedure done but i cant find anyone that does it in canada

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Hi Bruin...just wondering if u were happy with ur results after this long. I had a laser that actually left me scarred very badly and don't really have any options to fix it. I was looking into this but have heard the results don't last.

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