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Rosecea Sufferer Here :(

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Hello everyone! I'm a rosecea sufferer for like 4yrs now? I'm always being mock for my facial redness. I've very low self-esteem. Rosecea alone is a pain in the ass, not to mention acne and pimples. Hated myself for this. I have not started the regime but my brother has been using it for years and his complexion is almost flawless (he has no rosecea). Can rosecea sufferer embark on this regime?

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Rosacea is often mistaken for acne vulgaris, that teenage scourge. But rosacea not only has closed bumps but it should not be treated with benzoyl peroxide, a common ingredient in acne remedies.

“In most cases, using acne treatments for rosacea is not going to help, and in fact, can do a lot of damage,” said Dr. Herbert Goodheart, a dermatologist in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

In many rosacea patients, benzoyl peroxide can actually make the redness worse.

In a true rosacea patient, your "acne" is actually a rosacea papule/pustule. It looks like acne, but it stems from different causes. Traditional acne treatments like benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, or AHA won't work very well for it.

Here is what I would recommend:

1) A sulfur/sulfacetamide wash in the morning.

2) Finacea cream at night.

Both require prescriptions from your derm. Finacea can be kind of expensive, so if money is an issue, start out with just the sulfur/sulfacetamide wash, it is fairly cheap.

and then

3) Start fixing your gut. There is some evidence that gut problems worsen rosacea. I would start taking a quality probiotic every day. Renew Life's Ultimate Flora is a good brand.

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