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Extreme Thirst + More Sebum Production

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I'm following a strict Paleo diet for 1 month now and I had an amazing improvement.

However, in the last 3 days I have experienced extreme thirst and also a much more greasy skin, specially in the chin area (where my acne and perioral dermatits was mainly).

I also developed three small cysts (for the first time since I started Paleo). Anyone here has experienced this reaction of extreme thirst followed by greasy skin?

I'm now in day 19 of my cycle, in case this is important.


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Does your Paleo diet include dairy? (the last time I read the Paleo book he seemed to say that dairy was not great but was allowed)

Generally the foods that increase oil production and can stimulate hormonal acne are

1) Dairy

2) Sugar

3) A lot of store-bought meat, because most commercial meat comes from animals injected with growth hormone and subject to other processing that makes its hormone levels less than ideal

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Thanks for your answer!

No I don't consume any dairy in any form, or sugar.

I only consume fruits (3-4 pieces a day) and also store-bought meats, but I never experienced this thirst before, even when I used to drink dairy and eat lots of processed and fatty products...

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