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Dillon S

I've Noticed Something About Having A Beard While Using The Regimen.

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Okay, so I've noticed a pattern when I go without shaving for a few days while using the regimen... My skin flakes and dries a lot more! Even if I apply a ton of moisturizer and jojoba oil. My beard just irritates the crap out of me, so now I try to shave as much as possible.

I want to know, does this occur with you also? Or is it just a random occurrence? Thanks!

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Guest T.M.

I sort of know where your coming from. Since I stopped using BP I have also stopped shaving, just used a trimmer. Stubble imo is more irritating than either a clean shave or a full grown beard. Your sort of always in a stage of forever itchiness. When I say irritating, I mean the feel of it, not to my skin which seems to be less irritated as I'm not shaving over live pustules.

I don't use products though. I don't really need a moisturiser since stopping BP use. I'm currently on te hunt for a really gentle cleanser as everything I've tried just makes me feel itchy. I've just been cleansing with water and the odd bit of honey every few days.

I never had any luck using the regimen with hair on my face. Products just didn't absorb. Shaving everyday was key.

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