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Can Slight Weight Gain Cause Random Breakouts?

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Hi all, about 3 months ago I got on BC, and my skin just went nuts at about the 2nd month or so, breakout central! Around this time I was also trying to gain a bit of weight. I've always been pretty petite my entire life(it's in my genes) so I began increasing my calorie intake and gained a couple pounds, went from 98 to 102, what's funny is that my weight is very inconsistent, I gain weight fast, but I also lose weight fast, so my weight was fluctuating during this time from 100-104 or so, not a huge increase but I noticed more breakouts during this time, I've never had perfect skin, but I never had acne either, I quit the BC thinking that it the culprit for the increase in breakouts, but 3 weeks later I'm still breaking out every other day or so, I'm not sure if this is the cause of getting off BC or the weight gain, mind you it's only a couple pounds but can weight gain be the reason in breakouts? I still plan on getting to about 105, it's sort of hard considering my weight goes up and down a lot, so I don't know if this is driving my hormones mad or it's just the hormones from the BC, can anyone shine a bit of light on this topic? P.S I'm on the Acne.org regimen currently, will this help and prevent any hormonal pimples from coming up as I'm on the road to gaining the extra couple of pounds? Any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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I break out when I eat enough to gain weight. I think the breakouts are from eating more, not a result of weight gain. I don't know why eating more breaks me out, though. I was thinking it had something to do with the stress a lot of digestion puts on the body. I'm eating healthy and very low glycemic load, so it's not insulin resistance for me...

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