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After 17+ Years, Proactiv Stopped Working And I'm Miserable!

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I found your community online as I was about to dump a few hundred dollars for "The Method" by the Clear Skin Coach.

I'm 40 YO (female) and used ProActiv successfully for over 17 years. All of a sudden it stopped working. The acne I suffer from now is nothing like I've ever experienced before. I have painful, under the skin cysts on my nose and chin. I also breakout sporadically on my forehead. I've tried "natural" treatments like using a Norwex microfiber cloth and organic, unrefined coconut oil as a face moisturizer (to replace my ProActiv regimen). I was told to give it three weeks (which is an eternity when you want to put a bag over your head and hide!)

This didn't work and after 18 days, I started using an acne line by Neutrogena. I thought it was beginning to help, especially as I noticed my flare ups drying, but they've returned.

So I found myself a bit desperate and uncovered the Clear Skin Coach. I've suspected a hormonal imbalance for a few weeks, so his position on that was easy to understand. I knew as I kept reading, the cost would be coming. I was hoping for a book but learned it is his modules and coaching that are the fee.

I quickly searched for scams and found the acne.org site!

It's been close to four months with these nasty cyst flare ups and I'm ready for a change. Internally and externally! I pray this community forum can help me so I won't be so self conscious anymore.

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:C I am so sorry to hear that your skin has gotten worse after using Proactiv. I had a terrible time with it myself and BP has never been my favorite thing in the world though it works for some so freaking well.

It made my acne much worse in fact, which has seemed to happened to you.

There are a lot of very helpful posts and blogs on here that I know will prove to be beneficial to you.

Welcome and if you ever have any questions I can try to help. :)

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^_^ Anytime, you seem like a wonderful person and NO ONE deserves stupid ol' acne ripping up their beautiful face.

I always like to try the natural ways of curing my skin and it really is different for everyone because we all of course have different skin but it's best to start out with the inside of your body. It has A LOT to do with your skin.

For example, do you have any food allergies or intolerances you may be unaware of?

Or perhaps your hormone levels are a little off kilter?

Maybe you don't drink enough water and exercise enough?

Or maybe it could be you have too much candida in your system? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candida_(fungus)

Haha I had no idea what that was until this site and really it has helped me through a lot. Same with the reviews for products and everything. This website is so wonderful and I hope you can pinpoint the way to tackle your skin problems safely and super effectively! :)

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I think I'm guilty of all those points! I don't drink enough water, I don't exercise enough and I just got home from two weeks of eating and drinking horribly while out of town, sigh (groan). I've held a suspicion that my hormones are off balance (no concrete proof just a strong hunch). I recently stopped eating so many hard boiled eggs because I read somewhere that could aggravate acne but honestly I didn't notice a difference! Looks like I'll be in for a lot of testing and hypothesizing. Have you ever visited a holistic dr that tests your blood levels? I was wondering if I should get that done. At my age, I definitely want to explore diet and lifestyle changes. Maybe I'll drop a few pounds along with the acne!

I'm an avid reader - any good books on natural ways to rid your body of toxins? Is it simply drinking water, exercising and staying away from dairy? Sounds too easy :)

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