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My Acne-Too Young And Nothing's Working, Please Offer Help.

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I'm 13, and anyone who's reading this is probably thinking that I'm just a silly teenager freaking out over one tiny pimple, but I'm not. I've had acne since I was in 4th grade, which would make me around 8 or 9. I've been having issues for the past 4 years, as I just started my 8th grade year. When I was in 6th grade, I had my first dermatalogist visit ever, and he requested I go on accutane. I freaked when they tried to get me to pee in a cup and take a pregnancy test, so I never did ens up taking it, which I'm grateful for.

Right now, I'm using a univeristy medical exfoliating cleanse with 2.5 BP along with a cetaphil cleanser, I usually mix them together and use that as my cleanser. I have a prescription topical treatment I use and burt's bees maximum spot treatment cream(I'll post the name/picture of my prescription treatment tomorrow). I use nuetrogena mosturizer with 50 SPF, as I play sports outside most days. I also have a aloe vera/vitamin D mosturizer that I put in especially dry spots. I also recentley started taking one a day teen for her supplements, but I have not seen a difference in my skin.

This system was working fairly well for me, until school started. I belive stress(from trying to maintain my good grades)may have triggered more acne than normal, but latley I've been getting very deep,painful ones that take over a week to come to the surface. I believe this may be cause by dairy products, as I've eaten muslei(which involves yogurt) for breakfast since school started. I recentley learned dairy products can cause breakouts, so starting today I'm on a dairy free food plan. I've never liked sugary or carbonated drinks, so I mainly stick to water. I also started field hockey again, and I believe wearing the protective goggles may be causing me to break out along my cheeks.

I don't wear coverup, as I don't want to irritate my skin even more, but if anyone uses something really helpful, please mention it to me.

I have a dermatologist appointment scheduled soon, and it will be my first one since sixth grade, where I was scared off.

If anyone has suggestions or comments about what I've posted, I'd love to read them.

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This is kind of alot to read but I want to save you from the hell I went through and you sound like you started out very similar to how I did so you have time to avoid serious trouble.

For me dairy was what really made my skin go to hell and I noticed you started eating yogurt since school started which is when your skin started giving you trouble again. Dairy was not a problem at first when I was young but when I got to around 16 years old all hell broke loose pretty much. I stubbornly refused to give up dairy and eventually it got way out of hand to the point where I finally decided I would. Also, if your dermatologist recommends antibiotics I would strongly urge you to not go that route. When I took minocycline my acne actually got much much worse than it was in the first place and left very bad scarring as a consequence which I am just now trying to deal with now that my acne is gone. Antibiotics may work for some but you will be forced to constantly be on them and that is terrible for your health in the long run and going back off will cause a severe breakout in most people. I know all this because some of my friends (including me) have been through being on antibiotics for acne and it was awful for all of us. So for the bottom line I would say to avoid dairy as much as possible and when your current products run out try switching to to the regimen on this website as it was the only thing that got my acne gone. Sorry for so much writing and I hope I didn't scare you or anything, just don't want to see another person go down the path I did :)

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I would switch from Cetaphil Cleanser to Cerave Foaming Cleanser.

Also, I would make sure that the Neutrogena SPF moisturizer is Non-Comedogenic, it should say it on the bottle, if it doesn't invest in one that is!

I've heard bad things about Burt's Bees facial products, mainly that they are Comedogenic which can clog pores. As far as topical perscriptions, I have had really good luck with "Acanya".

It's hard to tell how bad your skin really is without pictures. If it's mild, the above should help some of your issues. If it's more severe, Accutane can be taken but a lot of times accutane is only a temporary cure! Lasting only a year. I have had great success with Spironolactone but you may be too young for it considering your body is still developing. This can be something you can discuss with your dermatologist.

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Thank both of y'all for your input, and if you're wondering my suncreen/mosturizer is non-comedogenic. My prescription topical medicine is differin, but as I've said earlier it doesnt seem to make much of a difference, and it's actually quite expensive. I'm starting my avoidance of dairy today, so from now on I guess oatmeal will have to suffice as breakfast. Thanks for the product recomendations, and I'll try to get cerave foaming cleanser as soon as possible and stop using burts bees, as I personally don't see a difference from it. I currently have 2 really deep and painful to touch ones, and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how I should avoid touching them or make them go down or make the area around them less red. As of now, I'm ashamed to go to school, but life must go on. Thanks again for all the help.

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