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Regimen And Seasons Changing

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Hello everyone,

I started using the regimen around late January last year when it was still really cold and wintery out. It dried my skin out quite a bit but after about 2 months my skin had improved so much. I did the regimen every day twice a day. Once it started getting warmer out in the summer, around June, I stopped using the bp during the day because I didn't want sun damage when I would be outside swimming etc, and my skin stayed manageable and relatively clear. It didn't get worse, also the sun tan helped. Now that it is September and I am back at school, I can feel the weather getting cooler and drier. I am still doing the bp once a day, at night, but my skin is peeling like crazy as well as breaking out a lot a lot. I am wondering if anyone has tips on how to deal with the weather changing and the transition into fall and winter with regimen. I want to start doing the regimen twice a day again to try and calm this break out but I'm worried about how dry my skin is. I use cerave moisturizer and jojoba oil in the morning and at night. If you can think of anything that helps, let me know. Thank you to anyone who reads this.

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Well I live in Canada, so I do know what you're talking about.

Regarding the change to Winter, I usually pull out the humidifier and put it in my room. I have wall outlet timer on it, so it turns on and off throughout the day, but it's mainly on during the night, when I sleep. The reason I do this is because I find, once it's colder you naturally turn on the heater, which dries out the air, and in turn your skin.

A good humidifier is not too expensive, around 20-$40 if you look on amazon, and you can get some pretty cool looking ones as well.


Just a bit of warning


Don't go crazy with the humidifier... you may want to leave it on a fairly low setting when you sleep. If you over do it, your room can start growing mold (ones you can't see) and insects that thrive on mold will start appearing.

A tip I learned from a friend, turn on the humidifier on a low setting during sleep. Get a disposable cup, draw in a "fill line" with marker, and fill the water to that fill line. If during your sleep, none of the water from the cup evaporates, well... you probably want to turn down that humidifier.

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I know what you are living now. Every year I do the same shitty mistake : I stop BP at summer to enjoy sun. Then I come back, start again and breakout.

Well, all of this is normal.

Sun thickens your skin and dries out the surface of it, but it does not stop oil production. That means that oils does not go to the surface of skin but become trapped in between layers. But you won't break out at sun. Why ?

Simple reason : UVs kills bacteria. In fact, UV radiation are mutagen, they can modify living substances ADN. Bacteria's ADN is so fragile that the mutations make them die. It produces a significative smell that you smell if you go on a sunbed.

However, once you come back from sun, your skin will start to become thin again. And guess what ? The trapped oil formed comedoes that will become acne pimples, that's the "september breakout" season.

The only way to protect your from this is to get a high SPF during summer and keep using BP and avoiding sun.

As you start over the regimen, you will notice peeling because your skin has to get used to BP again. So just start from the beginning. Within 2 weeks you will see improvement and you should be quite clear by 1 / 1.5 months. You should use BP twice a day, and start in the beginning. (half a pump first, etc...)


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I agree with Norris. A humidifier will help quite a bit. I used to have one in my room but it broke and I'll planning on purchasing another one. You might want to up the jojoba oil. I watched a video of Dan using the oil on his face at night and although still shiny, he keeps it as a sort of mask while he sleeps. That might help you retain moisture in your face in addition to the humidifier. I recommend you use the BP in the day since you seem to breaking out without it. It's hard dealing with dry skin in the winter but it's important to keep your breakouts in control first and deal with the flakiness along the way.

If you want to see the video (which might help since Dan is almost never dry/flaky looking) his channel is danacneorg. He has some great tips as well so you should check it out smile.png good luck to you.

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I kind of know what you mean. I started doing the regimen in the Spring and I have done it 2x per day everyday since... Never skipped an application. Now, I'm at the point where my skin is peeling and flaking so badly that it's not really normal. I am using cerave moisturizer with jojoba oil, which is awesome, but towards the end of the day I still have lots of flaking, also when I wake up. I think the best tip I can give is stay consistent, don't slip up or anything, and make sure to moisturize a lot. If you need to you can reapply moisturizer when you're at home. Good luck

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