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Oily Skin: My Expierence

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Alright, so this right here is going to be my personal struggle with oily skin, what i have found out about myself, and any tips or things that have worked for me.

Here's just a little past background about myself: I first got acne at the age of 13 and have had acne ever since then. I am 19 years old now but i would say that acne is not a major part of my life now and i don't have to worry to much about it. I have always had extreme male hormones, i was/still am extremely athletic and can gain muscle mass very easily. I have a very extreme sex drive but exhibit little aggression. So as far as i can tell i produce a little higher than the normal amount of androgens. I have also had extremely(and i mean extremely oily skin) like after washing my skin within an hour and a half i could completely soak a single sheet of toilet paper with oil. So here's some observations just to start us off.

again this may not describe everyone but its just what i have noticed.

*oily prone people, when they "sweat" its like an oil sweat and not actually defined water droplets. Normal people sweat water. It takes extreme physical exertion to make an oily person sweat.

*oily people are prone to more sunburn because of more oil and therefore often have redder or reddish tints to their skin.

*oily skin does not always come with tons of acne but in most cases it does.

So here's what i do and what works for me:

*I wash my face twice a day. I try to split it up evenly so every 12 hours. So if i wash at 8:00am, then i would wash at 8:00pm and so on. So for me its not necessarily right before i go to bed.

*Every so often like every 4 days i only wash my face once a day, usually it being in the morning. I've just noticed that doing this makes my skin seem less oily the next day. I've tried only washing once a day everyday but for me that didn't work.

*Moisturizers with sunscreen make my skin seem really oily so i only use them when i know im going to be out in the sun for more then 40min at a single time. The best moisturizer i have found to work that has sunscreen is Olay complete all day moisturizer with SPF 15.

I prefer using moisturizer with no more that 15spf and just reapplying no more than 3 times during the day rather then going for a higher spf thats going to be thicker.

*I go a day with moisturizer and then 2 days without applying anything(unless im going outside a lot) Again it just seems to help me.

***THIS FOR ME IS THE MOST IMPORTANT BULLET POINT Especially guys, girls not so much. The one thing that has made the most difference for me is to limit masturbation. In the intro i included that strong sex drive and you probably wondered why. I use to be that guy who would masturbate once a day. I have limited myself to once a week and it has made huge improvements. I kid you not. The day after I masturbate my skin is so oily but other days its fine. I know this may be hard for some of you to do but just try it with good skin in mind.

Here are somethings you can do to see immediate improvements: they are home remedies.

*Drink 2tablespoons of turmeric a day. One in the morning and again at night. I find it best to drink it with a glass of warm milk or warm water if you want to stay away from milk. The warmer the better, ive found it takes the edge off the taste.This will really cut down on oil production. Its like $15 a pound at any health foods store. A pound will last like 6 months.

*Drink 2tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day. Again one at night and one first thing in the morning. I find drinking it with apple juice or warm tea with honey works best. But again you can use warm water, i would just add some honey to it. About $6 for a big thing of it at kroger. Ive found that quality can matter a bit here so if you can i recommend braggs brand but its a little more expensive. Again this will last a very long time. This cuts down a little on oil, but what this really helps with is it gives your skin a glow and matte looking finish.

*Amla powder is another remedy. This can either be taken or applied as a mask. If eating, i would either by capsules or mix it in with a drink, it doesn't have as bad a taste as turmeric but it can be hard to swallow, it sticks to the inside of your mouth. If applying just mix with a little bit of water and let sit for 15-25min, the longer the better. This will cut down on oil better than acv but not as well as turmeric. This is more for destroying the bacteria in your skin and cleansing it of impurities.

You do not need to do all three, In fact i recommend with starting with just one. Usually turmeric seems to help the most. I currently only drink apple cider vinegar because with the other ways i have mentioned oil is not so much a concern for me. I don't have perfect skin, i get the occasional pimple every few days or so but im happy with my skin now and i have a manageable regime now that doesn't require a lot of time. Best of luck and i will try to answer any questions. I am sure im forgetting a lot of stuff but maybe i will think of it with time.

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