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Do medications really help us?

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i was thinking.

What if we have a genetically pre-determined amount of acne that is supposed to come out one way or another during our lifetime. Then using topicals and anti-biotics will reduce the rate at which its popping up, but it will be happening over a longer period of time.

My friend had pretty bad acne(his nickname was Zit) from 15 to 17 and didnt use any medications, now he's 18 without a single spot. I was wondering if i hadnt started using all those medications years ago, how long it would last for me.

Any thoughts?

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red- i wonder the same thing, my brother, father, and about 6 friends did NOTHING for their BAD acne. literally nothing... most of theirs was all gone by 20ish.. i am 21 with lesser acne that all of these people.. but i have taken loads of meds, and still have acne. i believe in my heart that it does have soemthing to do with it. Not only the acne, but all the people i mention had very noticeable moderate scarring and loads of red/ purple marks, and everyone is gone now. looking at my brother you would never know he ever had a zit. sad.gif

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Even though I dunno if there's any medical evidence in that thought, I think too much medication is never good. I guess you might as well go and see a derm and get it done and over once and for all.

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