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I've had major depression for about a year and possible either OCD or BDD or just really anxious about how I look. And I tend to always keep checking the mirror on how the pimples are, and how well they are choses how I feel about myself. The more pimples = the lower my self esteem is, the less pimples or no pimples, I feel extremely confident about how I look. It's really shitty to feel like this.

Is there anything I can do to take my mind of things? I'd say I'm a perfectionist and just basically impatiant. I have pretty good acne compared to most acne sufferers, yet that's not good enough, and it still makes me upset severely. I'm actually being seen next monday so I might have to go stay in a teenage ward with other guys and girls my age so they can treat me because my stress levels are so high.

It's just the whole "when is it going to get better" thing or the whole waiting for to see improvements, at the moment I've decided not to look at the mirror at all and just get my mum to help me with it. Does anyone else feel like this? or am I just weird?

Also I take Fluoxetine (50mg total) and Seroquel (Quetiapine) (25mg total) per day. Does this even cause acne? no one has said it has, but still ...

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I took Fluoxetine for maybe 6 months, never made me break out or anything.

I would suggest therapy. I'm like you - if there's something on my skin, it affects my mood SO much. It can even have the power to make me skip classes, avoid friends and just stay in bed all day. Not a good thing to do when you're in college and supposed to be furthering your education. :/ It sucks, but I know it can get better. I've seen people with BDD/OCD get better, sometimes with therapy alone or a combination of meds/therapy. I've also noticed that a lot of times you can "grow out of" ways of thinking. I used to be anxious about relationships a few yrs ago, now I'm pretty lax about the friendships in my life and my anxieties are about my skin. I have a feeling as I grow and mature into the "real world" I'll become less obsessed.

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i'm right there with you guys.

i take wellbutrin for the depression. my psych had me on celexa for depression, anxiety, & OCD... but i had side effects. so i said just treat my depression and i'll deal with the OCD.

i'm supposed to see a therapist, but with the costs of accutane and lab work coming, i figure i'll put it off for a little while. i think i'm doing good though. i don't obsess over my skin as much as i used to. i would freak the hell out over 1 or 2. cry my eyes out. hide inside. avoid everything. i know. it's awful. but now my face is covered in acne. and i have no way to hide it. makeup only does so much and i do put it on but it still looks awful. but i said fuck it and i just face the world because i'm just letting my life slip by. i guess because i'm going on accutane i have hope that i might be a normal person in 5 months. i can't even imagine it. but i definitely need to go to a therapist and learn how to look at my face like a regular person instead of picking out over single flaw.

other than that, make sure you have a support system. that's great you let your mom in on this. my family and boyfriend have been a huge help. i couldn't have gone through this without them.

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It's already gone to breaking point, I'm trying not to cry right now and I just told my girlfriend I cannot be together anymore because I can't even leave the house. I have no hope really, even though my acne isn't completely horrible, i still feel like hiding away and dying.

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