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My Regimen - Is It Good Or Bad?

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So I'm 17 (guy) and I saw a dermatologist and he said I have very minor acne (the lower end of the scale) and I'm mainly getting acne because of just teenage hormones, which is apparently normal. He prescribed me a few things, and I made up a regimen and I wanted to ask what your opinion on it is?


Breakfast, generally just eggs, toast or cereal (Rice milk, I can't have dairy)

Take all my medication which is just vitamins.

Drink 800ml of water.

Use QV face cleanser and massage on skin gently for about 20 seconds and then have a medium temprature shower and wash face and body.

Gently pat the skin a bit. And leave it for 10 minutes to naturally dry.

Use Duac daily gel on pimple areas and apply softly.

Eat fruit that helps with acne (Apples, banana's etc.)

And if I'm going out apply QV Day cream with spf 30+

Lunch (fish, seafood and vegetables) along with another bottle of water.

Exercise routine.

Another bottle of water.

Night time:

Dinner (Lean meat with plenty of green vegetables) and a bottle of water.

Use QV face cleanser

Splash warm water on face to get rid of cleanser

Apply Epiduo thin layer all over face at night.

Use QV night cream moisturiser.

Change pillow sheets every night.

Repeat every day.

Would that be an affective routine? would it benefit me a lot? And with lower mild acne, if you were to say, what would your estimate be on until my acne is clear? thanks.

Also Q: Do you out moisturiser AFTER the acne cream? or before? thanks.

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Hi, I think the only way to determine if it works is to keep doing it! Minor acne is much easier to treat, but it's still persistent and annoying like all types of acne. Yes, you should use a moisturizer after you apply acne cream, especially if your acne cream has any kinds of drying ingredients in it like benzoyl peroxide or something like that. I think your regimen sounds good, it sort of sounds like the acne.org regimen only with different products, haha. Good luck!

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Thank you! You've re-assured me a bit, and yeah the only way to tell if it works is to keep at it. I wasn't sure if you put moisturiser after the acne cream, never really done that before. Thank you for your feedback!

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