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Suffering In Real Life & Have Used Accutane

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Hi guys i have taken isotretrinoin on 30 mg a day for about 6 months and ive been off them for about 1 month and 3 weeks now.

I am 100% not blaming my problem on accutane because there is no proof but i really need some help

I have recently gotten problems with my sexual side as i have been losing sensation and now i dont have any plesure.

I have also been losing pubes and thinning hair on my head

Can anyone plz help me to how i could get treated?

Other things: i am extremely stressed and suicidal because of this problem and the doctor has made me an appointment to see the CBT team or w.e which deals with phychology help.

I know that its not all in my mind because the problem just happend randomly and after i got depressed so i dont know what to do im and so scared!

im only 17

edit: the side effect started on 5th month of iso

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Possible side effects of Accutane: depression, thinning hair, liver damage, suicidal thoughts or actions, increased sensitivity to sunlight, muscle pain, thinning of the skin, headache, brittle nails, joint pain, severe dryness, slow healing, unusual bruising, skin conditions and infections such as impetigo, ulcerative colitis. This is all on the pamphlet that came with the medication when you signed up for it.

I suggest you look at the thread on this board called "Repairing the long-term damage of Accutane."

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that will undo what Accutane has done to your body.

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