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Guys, i honestly do not know what to do. I have moderate acne on my back and shoulders (some get really big and inflamed) and a lot of scars. I am feeling so down in the dumps right now that i just want to give up on my life. It feels like this disease as eaten me alive.

Every single day, wake up, look at myself in the mirror, and ask myself why i am even still present in this world. This world has nothing to offer when this disease is debilitating me every single day.

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I'm guessing you've tried a lot of things as you're a veteran member. I would encourage you to not give up yet though! We are more than our acne. Have you tried talking to professional before? Therapy has really helped me.

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Do you have acne on your face too or just your body? I'm thankful I only have to deal with acne on my face but having it anywhere is a drag.

What's your regimen currently? I think we all know that finding the right product is key to clearing up. The problem is the trial & error part of finding that product and the time required to test out different things. For me, I was clearest using a BP wash. I stopped using it to try the Oil-Cleansing Method and my face exploded with acne. So needless to say I'm back on what kept me clear in the past. I figure the time wasted trying other products isn't worth it! Good luck and wish you clear skin.

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