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Red Spots And Dark Blood Scars (Pics Included)

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Brief description:

- 24 years old with office job

- Naturally oily face

- Constant breakouts of red zits and blood cysts on face/neck

- Dark blood scars underneth skin on face

- Sweat everytime I go outside (very hot and humid here)

- Wet shave daily (I believe this is causing the most irritation)


- Gym at least twice a week (weights with light cardio)

- Drink over 1.5 litre of water a day

- Bulk diet (protein supplements and high carb intakes)

- Multi vitamin + fish oil + zinc supplements included in diet

- Drink green tea everyday at work

- 5 hours average sleep (because of 3 hour daily commutes, sucks I know)

Past/current regimine:

- Apple cider vinegar (no effect after 1 month, cysts still appeared)

- Benz peroxide regimine (skin still becomes oily after a few hours)

- Currently no topical regimine, just washing twice daily (skin seems to like staying oily)

Picture for your reference:


Please critique and advise me on treatments.


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I've gotten the dark blood scars before. I think blood gets in the cyst and attacks the infection and just kinda stays there for awhile.

Eventually you'll be able to extract what's left in the dark blood colored cyst. Just leave it alone until it looks like a blackhead. Then when you extract it dark stringy material will come out.

Or it might just eventually heal on its own.

Hope this makes sense

Edited by a.p.

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