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New Acne Scar Treatment

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Lol! This is nothing new. This is how Deep FX works. He's just creating his own brand name to a technique by calling it FAST.


Focal application with fractional Co2 laser is nothing more than spot treatment. It's exactly how my doctor treated my scars with Deep FX. It was effective, but I am convinced I would have had better results if the entire area was treated with laser. Deep FX only has maximum density of 25%. I think my doctor treated me at 15-18%. This technique is not new, at all. I wouldn't be surprised if Schweiger is using Deep FX for this technique.

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Well, first of all, I have to admit I have an instant bias against this article since it's posted on the FoxNews website.

Second, "F.A.S.T." came out several years ago, if I am remembering correctly, and it's basically just spot treatment with a fractional ablative laser. It would pretty much be exactly the same as taking any other fractional ablative laser on the market and just doing one spot.

There is virtually no one and done procedure for scars of any kind.

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It's interesting nonetheless. From what I've learned, the F.A.S.T technique was developed by this Dr. Schweiger, it's relatively new, and it uses higher energy levels than when treating your whole face, producing quicker results, requiring less healing time. Even though it sounds like Deep FX, the claim is that this procedure is a "new and innovative way to treat acne scars that has not been done previously". So if it's the same as Deep FX, this F.A.S.T. is probably a lot of commercial blahblah, but it could also be that this Schweiger really has a different approach/uses a different technique. All in all it sounds pretty good. I'd say send him a message, and ask how F.A.S.T. is different from Deep FX, then you'll know.


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