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My mom is really getting on my case about getting a tan...she keeps saying that I look sickly without one, (even though my best friend said that I already look tanned...). I guess being white makes me look really bad?

As much as I'd like to flip off my mom and stay relatively pale, I admit: I kinda do need a tan--it really has helped in the past to obscure the red marks/acne scars on my face, and it at least helps make me look less monotone to make up for my otherwise monotone everything.

So...how do I go about getting a tan when I have some mild/moderate acne and horribly oily facial skin, safely? I never even once laid out in the sun...so I don't know what to do, how long, or what sunscreen spf to use, or what brand for the matter (one that won't irritate or make my oil problem even worse). I used to get a deep, rich tan all year long just by going to school after all, and I don't know how to simulate that again.

Thanks for the help.

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Well first make sure you have sunscreen on, that's the most important thing. if you're really pale. don't lay out for longer than I would say 40min- 1 hour. Spf 30 may be good because if you go too high, you won't get a tan. My mom loves using the aveeno sunscreen (expensive) but she's convinced it's the best and she has sensitive skin, I have oily skin and i just use any kind of sunscreen, I don't think it'll hurt your oily skin, just make sure you wash your face when you're done tanning. :] I don't put cream on my face though, I buy the little sticks ( they look like lip balm) but you can put it on your face. The sun actually kind of clears your acne up, temporarily. but it'll come back =/ When you get a base tan, then it gets easier to get even darker. I get pretty tan in the summer but all i do is lay out for an hour- an hour and a half and when I'm just starting to try to get a little tan i lay out for 40 minutes- hour. if you feel like you're turning red or you feel hot then stop tanning. Also,when it's 85+degree's outside, I don't lay out too long,cause thats when you can burn,I lay out in 75 degree weather in the beginning cause I feel less hot and don't burn. but it's up to you, if you feel hot and feel like the sun is too strong then maybe go a bit earlier in the day :)

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