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Cant Wash Face Entirely In 10 Seconds

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hey everyone. i just started the using dans products. the only issue im having is that i dont feel like i can get all my make up off and properly cleanse my skin in that amount of time. and that is without even wearing a lot, because i dont. would it be okay to wash with a gentle cleanser before i use the cleanser that came with dans?

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I would suggest using dans cleanser for a little bit longer to get your makeup off rather than using 2 cleansers. Introducing new products into the regimen is not ideal, especially at the beginning of the regimen. So it would be better to sacrifice the ten second rule to get all your makeup off with dans cleanser. If you don't feel that works, I take my makeup off with cotton pads and jojoba oil which works great. Good luck!

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Mandy I felt the same about washing makeup off within 10 seconds and didnt think it was possible, but I found that Dan's cleanser was really good at removing makeup in that short timeframe.

If at times I've been out somewhere special and wore more makeup than usual, like Kitty says above, I would also use some jojoba oil and gently rub that all over my face (including over my eyes) to help loosen the makeup before cleansing. I don't use cotton pads though because I feel like that would be too irritating on my skin, but everyone is different, . I am always careful that I follow Dan's instructions exactly and only wash my face for 10 seconds.

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