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im so depressed by my skin's great, so why?

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im so deprressed but my skin is almost clear its lookin great, it just goes to show even with clear skin you life isnt much better. i sound like a right bitch coz i know all u lot envy clear skin and im sorry to rub it in. LoVe BlOnDiE

also please can sum1 help me. i know this isnt really much of a probloem but people always call me Bimbo or barbie, or dumb ass because they think im really dumb. they are only joking but it really gets to me. i know i dont make any help to the fact by like having a user name blondie but it really pisses me off how people can judge me by my hair colour ive tried telling them i dont like it but they just like we luv u really but they still do it. i might be dumb and i admit to it but i hate other people takin the piss x x x

It seems there should be a picture of how we all should be

But the truth is yet discovered or may be its just me?

The world is a “Quest� in simple words or more

But what I don’t understand is why we always want more?

The gesture of a handshake, were words are not even said

But still we get the answer of what’s happening in our head

Sometimes I get a vision of something I can’t explain

I wonder what is happening cloudy is my brain

Despite the pain we feel we keep on going back

It’s like a cycle “round and round� forever in a trap

But we don’t know any difference of what’s really true

We just like to think that to stop us feeling blue

The feeling is forever, eternity, solid in our hearts

It’s in graved, stained and pierced with a dart

The emotion I’m describing is the most powerful yet

But who knows, it may come weaker then we will forget

Vanish will the pain and competition of such dignity

A key hole to our life is what we can only see

I grant that everyone of us in this world finds love

But I know that’s not possible, it doesn’t fit like a glove

How can we live knowing that someone isn’t gonna be

There to hold us when were down and share our virginity

How can someone be so mean and not send us romance?

Is it us who have done wrong or are we in a trance?

Confusion plagues my mind and rips out my soul

It hurts so so much like my heart is a transparent hole

God above and man below send me love that only I know

Make it special, passionate with a warn soft glow

Love is what we envy where we share and what we breath

I’m not finding love and its hurting me beneath

Maybe im a reject or missing a special piece

But why should I be ashamed of only being me?

Lost, confused are questions that defuse and set free

Love is life, life is ideas ideas are plans

But how can the universe survive without a man?

Ill leave it in your imaginary hands and let you work it out

It’s up to you now to let the water run from the spout

But if your so mean to deprive me from such passion

I reject to say that I will leave in an un-orderly fashion.

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you should thank god, your lucky stars, whatever, every day that u have clear skin. Believe me, some of us would sell our souls for it sometimes.

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blondie its ok, i saw your pic. trust me...i dont think you have anything to worry about.

look, just don't take what people say seriously...i say stupid ass things sometimes and people are like wtf??? but they know im jokin and they're all like your stupid dude...im just like yea i can be, but it was funny to me so who cares right???

anyway...i'd say your gonna be ok. dye your hair if you want, be yourself. if people dont like it then screw em'. i say do whateva you want.....

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your poem was very touching, i can totally relate eusa_angel.gif there is love out there that will accept you for you. as i'm sure there is for me if only i could accept him! never be ashamed pf what you are, but always try to be the best you possible. words i try to live by...

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