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Ok i have been on the regimen for about 5 months now. I would classify the acne i was experiencing as mild to moderate. I would break out around my cheeks, sides of my face and forehead area. Consistently seeing 1 or 2 new pimples every 2-3 days. Asian skin type. Got pretty bad around Feb/March. I started following the regimen in april. I don't use Dan's product since i get discounted items at a local pharmacy through friends, so i use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, Neutrogena on the spot 2.5 BP, and Cetaphil Moisturizer with SPF 15.

Neutrogena on the spot BP is not the best, its a cream and dries really quick, has a weird texture when you apply it to your skin. But 2.5 BP is 2.5 BP no matter which product. On a positive note, for some weird reason, i experienced no burning or flaking with this BP. I have used BP in the past which i know does burn and leave your skin super dry, but either my skin was already adjusted or this particular BP doesnt burn. It does dry my skin but nothing as severe as what i read DKR's BP does to everyone. As for cleanser, can't think of a better one than cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. Its super gentle, no fragrance, leaves face feeling clean and fresh. The moisturizer is so so.... i use it cause its non- greasy, light, and spf 15. But i am sure there are plenty of better ones for acne prone skin.

Anyway, I followed DKR as directed, twice a day, about 10-12 hrs apart, i applied BP through out my face and i would say a pretty generous amount since i wasn't getting flakes nor burning. As for moisturizing, i wasnt doing it at night. I always moisturize during the morning routine, but did not moisturize at night. thats the only step i didnt follow, i just felt like moisturizer would make my face super oily since i already have oil prone skin. I did start moisturizing in the evenings as well, the past 2 weeks or so. First 2-3 months, i was still breaking out, I guess it was slowly working, but being impatient as i am, i thought the regimen wasnt gonna work. After the 3-4 month mark, i was seeing significant results. Definitely started to breakout less and less. I would get 1 or 2 here and there that would take forever to heal, but i guess BP slows down healing process. But pimples were definitely smaller and less painful.

But after the 4 1/2 to 5 month mark, which brings me to right now, i can say i am pretty much completely clear with break outs. Within the last month or so, i havent broke out at all, may of had 1 or 2 that felt like it was coming, but i guess continual use of BP prevents it. I would say i am 98-100% clear of any bumps or new acne. So it definitely works. I had no changes in diet and didn't do anything different from the time i was breaking out, so it was definitely this regimen. First 2-3 months may seem tough and you may see no results or even feel like acne is getting worse. But if you are patient and stick with it, the regimen most definitely will work. The Regimen will clear your acne and breakouts but wont do anything for the hyperpigmentation, marks, or scars that you may be left with. I now have to deal with these marks i am left with? Mainly on my cheeks and sides or my face. I guess with time it will fade, but any ideas or advice would be much appreciated. AHA or BHA? I might try manuka honey since i read great things.

I know my post is pretty extensive but i just wanted to be precise about my experience with the regimen. Hopefully this can help anyone currently on it and may be struggling or doubting its effectiveness. Feel free to ask questions, just thought i owe it to post this since the site is always so helpful and informative.

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