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Going For My Regular Checkup

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Hello All! I am going in for a checkup with my GP on Tuesday (my yearly) and i figured i may as well do blood tests to see if i can pinpoint areas where i am struggling (i may find one of my root causes of acne).

What should i have her test for:

I will do an A1C but was also thinking about hormones (which ones?), thyroid, vitamin D levels, adrenals, cortisol, etc

Any other suggestions?

Diet Changes have not impacted me AT ALL so maybe my issue is much deeper.

Responses are appreciated

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I just had a normal blood test done, nothing special, but there's also other tests done at dermatologist offices, such as food allergies and material/pollution allergies i think, although I don't know their specific names. Most of the time they will automatically test your urine.

Lets see... you may need to fast for 12 hours so please keep that in mind. Also, many blood testing offices (at least where I live) need to be scheduled in advanced so be careful when you do "walk-ins",definitely call them first and warn them. Each doctor office is different, so ask them what tests they offer for a normal routine blood test, and they may give you only 6 tings such as red and white blood cell count, kidney and liver function checks, and of course glucose and cholesterol. Other than that i don't know what else is out there, except specific blood tests to check for heart disease risks and I think enzymes.

I was actually told here that I was suppose to do multiple glucose level tests for several days throughout the day for a more "accurate reading", not just one blood test after fasting for 12 hours. It's suppose to catch an kind of abnormal rise and fall in sugar levels, but I don't have the time or money to do that efficiently right now. And if that really was the case then I'm already changing my diet to the purest I possibly can (whole foods, no dairy/sugar/gluten, etc...) as well as good sleep and exercise, so what else could I do at that point anyway?

Good luck!!

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Thanks Treat Acne. I've done an allergin test so thats out of the way. Was looking more into hormones and such. I am definitely looking into all my options though as i am sooooo tired of my acne. I am wondering if it is not best to just follow my naturopath's advice, at least i would feel as if i was not guessing. BTW - do you wear makeup to cover your acne when you're out and about. I don't but i may start- it's getting out of control

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Sorry, I don't really know all the names of tests you should get. But here are the things you should look at:

- You can do some testing on androgens and testosterone which I would HIGHLY recommend (I believe they are two separate tests at least).

- Thyroid. Remember though that there are many cases of subclinical thyroid problems where your levels will be in range. But still useful to know the numbers.

- Vitamin D

- DHEA-sulfate test measures the amount of DHEA-sulfate in the blood. DHEA-sulfate is a weak male hormone (androgen) produced by the adrenal gland in both men and women.

- Other adrenal stuff?

- Testing for certain bacterial infections. I think you can test for H. pylori?

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