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Anyone Else Starting To Get Relief With B5?

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After suffering with moderate acne all over my face for 12 years... I think I've taken the common route of buying and trying every single topical available. That part of my life ended about 2 years ago, when I decided it simply wasn't worth it anymore. Then I started dieting, and doing some major lifestyle changes consisting of eliminating sugar, sleeping a full 8 hours a day, working out, getting a bit of sun when I could etc. These changes helped a bit, but mostly with the healing process and how long it took for a breakout to clear away.

I then moved on to vitamins / health food combinations that seemed promising. I've been playing around with all kinds of diets and vitamins you'd expect: Zinc, d, fish oil, b complex etc. But I never tried a decent dosage of just Pan acid. Fast forward to 12 days ago, when I got the 1000mg time released b5 pan acid tablets by kal.

Within 2 days of taking just one tablet of 1000mg a day, I developed some pretty good size nodules clustered in the center of both cheeks. I never experienced a reaction like that before and it almost put me off using it further. These kinds of nodules seem to last forever, and if you mess with them, it's a sea of disaster. But then after about 4 days, I noticed strangely my skin was no longer oily. Every morning I wake up, my face usually feels like a slip and slide and after 6 days my skin was really starting to dry up (in a good way). After about 9 days I noticed that absolutely no new acne was forming anywhere. And now 12 days later, 90% of pustules, white heads / blackheads have all but vanished. I'm still stuck with 2 nodules on my left cheek that are very slowly starting to dissipate.

So, I've never really experienced a reaction like this before. Nothing I've ever taken has actually stopped oil production like this and prevented new acne from developing. I've read quite a bit on this forum about B5, and it seems to be hit or miss at best with sufferers out there. Who knows if what I'm experiencing is a fluke, or some kind of initial benefit from taking the B5; maybe it's just temporary... but I'm almost at a loss for words.

If you haven't tried b5, perhaps around a 1000mg dosage at minimum, I want to recommend it. It can't hurt, and will provide amazing benefits if you happen to be the type of person that reacts to it. Has anyone else had success taking just B5? I'm sure it isn't a miracle cure... but seriously, it's almost hard to believe what kind of effect this has had on my face. I'm half tempted to stop taking it, gouge on sugar and everything I know that will make be breakout, and from there document the recovery process day by day taking b5.

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