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When To Get Off Of The Regimen.

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Ok so my name is dan just like the founder of acne.org. Im posting this because i want alot of people to discuss this topic and it is when you can stop doing the regimen and how do you know when to stop it. My question to all of you is how DO YOU know when you have acne free skin. I mean im sure that you dont want to use the regimen all your life while you have acne free skin. I really want to know the answere thats why I want as many people as possible to discuss this question so others and myself including can find out how you know when to stop the regimen. A lot of info says that acne usually stops at around 20-30 years of age, depending on the person, and so I want to learn how to find out if you acne free. PLEASE COMMENT!!!!! THANK YU!!!!

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First, here's Dan's advice on what to do once you are clear from The Regimen. http://www.acne.org/faq.html#keepusing

What some people do is once every year or two, try reducing the bp and see if you can stay clear on less. If that goes well for a few months, you can try eliminating either the morning or night time bp. Give it a few months and see if you can still stay clear on that small amount. If that goes well and you're feeling brave, try reducing the once daily amount you are using until you aren't using it anymore. If you stay clear, great! You may be out of the woods.

If at any time along the way you see breakouts return you will know that your skin is at least still acne prone to some degree and you'll need to decide if you want o go ahead and get off The Regimen or get back on it to keep your skin under control.

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