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I have a few questions about Botchla's C&C Regimen

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Hello people, I just registered to these boards. Anyways someone gave me a link to this website and I looked at Dan's Regimen but I stumbled onto a topic that was made by a user named Botchla. Anyways he was praising the 2 Clean and Clear products and saying it's really good. So I decided to give it a shot and spent $20 (Canadian currency) yesterday and bought myself the Blackhead scrub and the Continous Control.

I followed his instructions and used them both last night before bed and I used only the SA was today in the morning.

Now I have a few questions about this regimen. When he says I'm supposed to wash/massage the stuff on my face for 45-60 secs, does he mean once it is all on my face or does the time start when you first putting it and spreading it on your face?

Also, I have a cooling feeling and a smooth feeling once I was both of these off. Is this normal and does it mean the stuff is working? My face is always oily and shiny and after I washed these off my skin is shine free for a few hours and it feels smooth.

I have a lot of red bumps (papoules) and a few big, shiny reddish zits on my nose. It's pretty bad. I have 2 medium sized zits on my right side of my nose (the flap) and it's been there for like 6 days. Then on my left side of my nose I got a medium-big dark pink zit on my nose that's been there for like a week. Should I leave the Benzoyl peroxide on these spots and not wash them off, or what should I do?

My last question for now is, since today is my second day of using this stuff, when should I start seeing some results? I want to know because I don't want to spend so much money each month buying something that doesn't work. I think the cysts (big zits?) on my chin are starting to shrink but it's still light red/pink. I hope this stuff really works.

Thanks for reading all that.

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The beauty of the C&C CC Acne Cleanser is that it washes off. Massaging it into your face deposits the BP in your pores, then you wash it off and the BP still stays in your pores. DON'T make the same mistake I did and leave it on! It wrecks absolute havoc on your skin.

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it really doesnt matter about the seconds as long as you scrub it gently for at least 30 seconds when its on your face, giving it time to be effective on ur face...the cooling sensation is normal, the scrub is exfoliating and taking teh surface cells off and when ur putting the bp you should get that feeling for the first little while...about results when I started I broke out for a week or so, so I cut back on teh scrub and about two weeks later I began to clear...There is also a product some of us are using with this regimen called HERBAL LOGIX ACNE & SCAR TREATMENT, you can get it at shoppers in canada...its for acne scars..it works great and fast!

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Thanks for clearing my question about the seconds thing.

About my acne/pimples, today is my third day of using the C&C regimen and I noticed that I got 2 new red bumps on my eyebrow (sorta obvious very close up), and a new medium-sized darkish pink zit under my right nostril. This worries me as I think I'm doing everything that Botchla had said and things aren't going the way I thought would be. Oh well, I will try this out for 2 more weeks and see if things will change.

Also, my big zits on both sides of my nose don't seem to be recovering. They look the same as before I tried these products out. Now about these zits, they are about 7-8 days old now and before this I tried "Dalacin-T" which is a clear liquid that supposedly treats acne vulgaris. It only got rid of a really, really small zit and I don't know if that made the zits on my face worse.

One last thing is I noticed whenever I get out of a nice hot shower my skin gets a little bit dry. I use a bar of Dove soap in the shower so I don't know if that is the reason. Weird thing is last week after my shower, a few hours later I noticed obvious redness on both flaps of my nose but I thought nothing of it. Day after that Sunday I noticed a small zit on both sides and now they are quite large and very obvious.

About the Herbal Logix Acne scar treatment thing, does it really work well? And I was planning on maybe purchasing Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment, so which one works better? I'm sorta desperate now and want a "now" solution to my problems and get rid of my existing, gross zits.

Thanks guys!

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Try to keep your face away from the showerhead. The hot water and steam coming from the shower is making your facial skin even dryer and more prone to breaking out.

This is how i've been using Botchla's and it's working:

AM - after shower, use warm water to wet face and open pores.

Apply C&C Blackhead Scrub for 15 seconds. Rinse off with warm water. Apply C&C BP Wash for 15 seconds.

Wash off with cold water to close pores.

Apply a moisturizer with SPF. (Eucerin Renewal Alpha Hydrox)

PM - Just use C&C BP wash,

Spot treat with a BP treatment. (Clearasil Total Control Acne Crisis)

Apply moisturizer if needed. (Cetaphil gentle skin moisturizer)

Seriously, don't wash your face in the shower!! I use to do that too and it broke me out.

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Thanks chronic. But in the shower, should I use warm or semi-hot water? I always used semi-hot to hot water. If I don't wash my face while showering, is using the regimen a good substitute?

Last thing is does it matter if I use cold or hot water for wetting my face while doing Botchla's regimen?

P.S. Can someone tell me if Herbal Logix is good for getting rid of existing, stubborn zits?

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I got a few more questions?

I noticed my skin is oily and shiny recently after when I started using the C&C regimen. Is this normal, cuz I thought it's supposed to keep my skin soft and heal my zits?

Another thing is today when I woke up, I saw that there are no improvements to my existing zits and I have a few more zits on my forehead (barely visible) and one very visible light pink zit beside my right nostril.

Am I doing anything wrong?

P.S. Today I didn't have time in the morning to apply the SA, and I just washed my face a few minutes ago...is this alright?

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K, what you have to undertand is that you will probably break out for a week or two. This is because it takes 2-3 weeks for a pimple to form. What Botchla's Regimen is doing to your skin is speeding up this process and bringing those pimples to the surface faster than expected. As long as you use it everyday, not skipping any treatments, your skin should not break out at all... in theory. Truth is, your gonna break out here and there. But, back to the breakouts at the beginning of the regimen. I suggest you give this about 3-4 weeks to see if its working. If you break out in week 4 or 5, i would discontinue use of this regimen.

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