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Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Skincare

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I looked at their ingredients. Most of the products are based on "ISOPROPYL METHYLPHENOL".

Since they don't tell you how MUCH isopropyl methylphenol there is, and because there aren't a lot of studies done on it, it's hard to say how that compares to the Benzoyl Peroxide in Dan's products.

Isopropyl Methylphenol (IPMP) is an isomer of thymol (primary component of volatile oil from labiate plants), which has been used for centuries as folk medicine.

In 1953, a method for industrial manufacturing of Isopropyl Methylphenol was developed, and its properties including bactericidal and antioxidant actions have been studies. As its favorable physicochemical properties, excellent efficacy and mild action characteristics have been recognized, it has come to be used widely today in drugs (for general use), quasi-drugs, cosmetics and other industrial fields.


· It is almost tasteless and odorless. It has mild astringency which is a characteristic suitable for cosmetics

· It has almost no irritant action and does not induce skin allergy at 2% concentration

· It acts uniformly on various bacterial, yeast, mold and some viral species

· It absorbs ultraviolet rays with wavelengths of 250-300 nm (peak absorption wavelength 279 nm) and shows antioxidant action

· It is highly stable against air, light, temperature and humidity and retains its actions over a long period of time

· It is a highly safe compound used in drugs (for general use), non-medical products and cosmetics

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