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Dan or anyone - shaving question

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Hi there I have just recently started getting more and more acne in my beard area. I have not previously had to shave my cheeks much but I have started now and there is an increase in acne. Similarly it is on my neck as well.

I tried not shaving but this led to a number of spots around the actual facial hair. I tried regular shaving and this didn't help either. Does acne respond better to shaving or not shaving and what can I do??????

Please help I don't want to have to deal with excessive acne in a whole new area. sad.gif

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First, wash your face with warm water and a gel wash. Next apply a shaving oil (not a gel). Then heat up the blade under very hot water, and if you like apply some shaving oil on the blades them selves. Only ever shave WITH the grain. Do many very small strokes. Each time put the blade under very hot water (this stops bacteria from spreading with the blade) putting it under hot water also makes it easier to shave the area. When youve fully shaved wash your face with warm water and an antibacterial wash. Then use a salycylic acid cleanser (NEVER use aftershave!!) followed by application of LOTS of bp to the areas that ive shaved to make sure I dont get any breakout, followed by application of a good moisturiser (such as urban rites face relief)

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I think it depends on the amount of stubble. I managed to get my own acne under control wit my own regimen. I stopped shaving and grew a goatee. I didnt have much stubble on my cheeks so only shaved now and again. I managed to clear my acne pretty well, but i found as my stuble got rougher it was better to shave every day then every now and again. Trying to keep my goatee tidy also caused me more spots. I shaved it all off and find my chin acne got much less frequent.I think if you can, do nothing until youre sort of clear but if not shave every day.

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