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Ph Of Bottled Water Observation.

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Hi all,

So I'm pretty much at a loss on what's causing my acne. I'm 24. Been a nonstop battle for about 9 years.

I randomly decided to test the PH of a few things tonight.

Tap water - 7.0

And to my surprise, the Ozarka bottled water that I drink tons of every day is very acidic at 4.75.

Does anybody know if drinking tons of low PH water has a negative effect on the body, or skin?

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Drinking large amounts of liquids with a pH far more acidic than the body's ideal (7.4) just makes your body have to work harder to maintain its optimal pH. Generally, a lot of bottled water has a pH around 4 (aquafina, dasani, distilled waters). Between each number on the pH scale is a factor of ten, so your water is around a thousand times more acidic than you want it. Fiji water, and supermarket spring waters have a pH of around 7.5, if you're looking for a replacement. As for specific effects on the body/skin, I can't offer any insights aside from what I've already said, and what you probably already knew.

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This topic is pretty confusing.

Your skin's ideal ph level is 4-5.5. So on the acidic side. That's pretty well-documented.

Less research has been done on the idea of "acid or alkaline" INTERNAL level. I haven't done enough personal research on this to really have an opinion. It could be valid, it could be a crock. Some people claim that even though your skin is acidic on the outside, on the inside you should be alkaline.

And just FYI, ph levels of waters:

Water with a pH of 4.

Penta Water, Distilled Water, Purified Water, Aquafina (made by Pepsi), Dasani (made by Coke), Glaceau Fruit Water, Le Blue Water, Metro Mint Water, Pellegrino (made by Nestle), Perrier (made by Nestle), Smart Water, and Vitamin Water.

Water with a pH of 4.5.

Reverse Osmosis Water and Ice Age Glacial Water.

Water with a pH of 5.

Appalachian Springs Water and Poland Springs Water (made by Nestle)

Water with a pH of 5.5.

Crystal Springs Water, Dannon Spring Water, Pure American Water.

Water with a pH of 7.

Arrowhead Water, Crystal Geyser Water, Deep Park Water (made by Nestle), Eldorado Springs Water, Supermarket Spring Water.

Water with a pH of 7.5.

Biota water, Fiji Water, Whole Foods 365 Water, Zephyrhills Water (made by Nestle)

Water with a pH of 7.9.

Eden Springs Water.

Water with a pH of 8.

Deep Rock Water, Evamore Water.

Water with a pH of 10

Filtered Ionized Alkaline Water you make with your own Water Ionizer.

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