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I got a question about Deep Chemcial Peel

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I got a deep chemcial peel yesterday, and they said my skin would be very dry and all the pigmentation would turn even more brown. Today my pigmentation is very brown like she said it was going to be but my skin is not dry at all. Not even a little. What should I do??? I'm scared the chemcial peel won't work and my pigmentations won't leave unless my skin gets dry.

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hi Evo smile.gif

i can surely reassure you !

as from one who just did a low-medium 23% tca my self this week for pigmentation - check my pictures and posts here

(my pictures are at :


the first days - mt pigmentation showed all over. you can see in the picture how dirty skin looks.

it will fall off. my skin wasn't dry either at first. althoug i was told it should be.

relax - it's hard to belive now - but it WILL fall.

read my posts, my fears were exactly like your.

tell us in a week whay happened smile.gif

by the way what kind of peel did you do ? a TCA or Phenol ? what percentage?

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Hi, you should never allow your skin to get "dry" after a strong chemical peel. It could lead to scarring. If it starts to get dry and scaly you should apply a vaseline type of product like Aquaphor or Polysporin. Otherwise, a good quality moisturizer would be prudent.

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