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Glycolic/35 Gel Peel - Skinlaboratory

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Has anyone ever done this for their scars? If so, what was your routine and how long did it take for you to see results?

My background:

I am a 20 year old female in college.

I started getting acne in the 2nd grade and had it all the way up until the 8th grade, which was when I started accutain. When I was a sophmore in Hig School I got a lasor treatment done for my scars because they were AWFUL! They are still noticable and disgusting, but nothing like what they use to be.

Anyway, around October of last year my acne started to come back. Every now and then I would get a pimple or two but my acne never fully came back until this point. It was getting progressivly worse until I finally decided to go back on accutain in Febuary. But by then some damage had already occured. I stopped taking the accutain in July becuase my acne had cleared up. Now I'm left with multiple red marks all over my face along with a couple of deep scars. As I said, I'm a college student which basically translates to "I'm poor as f***". It was a miracle I was able to stay on accutain for as long as I did. I know the best choice would be to go to a dermotologist but it's just not possible anytime soon.

Any and all help is very welcome...

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look in the other section for the deep scars.

for the red marks they will heal with time but to speed it up look for products containing glycolic acid, exfolitate 2-3 times a week, aloe vera, manuka honey, drink lots of water and try eat healthy.

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