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How I Got Rid Of My Acne Scars And Dark Marks.

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Now that I've found a way to control my acne, my next mission was to get rid of the scars and dark marks left behind by acne. When I went to my GP she said chemical peels or laser surgery would be two options for me since the scars wont major. Since I'm a student I didn’t have the cash or time for such procedures.

So what I did was buy some PanOxyl Acnegel (Benzyol Peroxide) and used one of its side affects to my advantage.

First I washed my face with dove soap & after drying applied lots and lots PanOxyl twice a day to the areas where I had lots of scars, so much so that those part of my face became dry and red and eventually started to flake, this caused my skin to peel off and scabs to grow over my acne scars. Each time the scabs healed I noticed the scars disappearing, so I continued to do this for 5 weeks, and now I have no acne scars what so ever! Even the dark marks left behind by some spots have gone!

You should only do this if you’re on a long holiday unless you don’t mind people seeing you with extremely dry/red/scabbed skin.

This method probably won’t be such a good idea for everyone because of skin sensitivity, but it worked for me, and if it works for someone else then it’s been worth writing this up, because I know how much acne scars can affect a person.

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