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After 2 Years Of Regimen :)

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hello guys! It's been a long time since I visit the site. I just want to share my experience with the regimen since I started it two years ago.

So far, so good. I use BP twice a day in the morning and night (2.5%-panoxyl) unfortunately last month I cannot find my BP of 2.5% anywhere so I switched to another brand and a much higher (5%-benzac) luckily It doesn't affect anything on my face. One time I decided to use BP only at night for one week because I noticed that my face is kinda red but unfortunately I got breakout so I continue to use it as usual (twice a day) and everything goes well again. For my face wash i use acne aid bar soap by steiffel and celeteque facial moisturizer (water-based) I drink a lot of water as much as possible, I eat healthy foods as much as I could because sometimes when I eat too much sweets like chocolates, oily and fryed foods especially chicken I get breakouts, also take vitamins, mine I only take multivitamins stresstab and vitamin c. I also having a breakout if I use liquid type of make up, so as much as possible when I don't have work I do not use make up. Stress and staying up late is a big factor for having a breakout too, so make sure you get adequate sleep.

Just this year I got terrible eczema and then I went to a dermatologist and she prescribed me with wash and lotion that contain colloidal oatmeal. Now my skin is doing well and smooth. I only use it to my body and I noticed that my body acne is clearing up as well so I decided to give it a try to my face tonight.

Today I cannot say that my skin is so smooth but I love it now compare two years ago that was depressing and terrible. My skin is clear now but sometimes I got small pimples but I can say that I am happy with my face now that I can go outside without wearing make up and still feeling confident with my face.

Once again, thank you DAN!

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thank you so much fourdogs.. yes absolutely! I lovin my life now especially having a clearer face ever.. I wish you success too and remember be patient! goodluck and God bless. :)

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