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"forced" To Switch From Retin-A Micro .1% To Tretinoin .025%

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Hello, I've been using RAM combined with doxycycline for about 7 weeks now. I had severe acne, cysts, over 15 inflamed acne on my face at once, etc... it was nasty. Today, My skin is absolutely smooth. I only have one non-inflamed acne... that's it. Now, I wouldnt say my face is beautiful, because theres scars and really really stubborn red marks everywhere. Whether its the doxycycline that's working, RetinA, or a combo of both.

Anyways, back to my story. My RAM .1 has ran out, and for some damn reason.... my insurance won't cover it anymore. It will only cover Generic Tretinoin .025. I would be fine with going from RAM .1 to tretinoin .1, but I'm forced to go to a reduced strength when everything was working perfectly. I was not irritated at all from RAM, and my face was doing fine on it. Don't ask me why my insurance wont even cover .1 or .5 strength, only .025. I have no idea why haha. I wanna keep this discussion only to reducing from .1 to .25 and how it will/should affect my acne.


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Did you turn 25? Many U.S. insurances stop covering the better acne prescriptions once you hit 25 because they say "acne doesn't exist after age 25."

Tretinoin is generic retin A, not retin A micro. There is no generic for RAM yet. So what you're missing is the RAM gel microsphere which is a time-released delivery method. So instead of getting little bits of RAM throughout the night, you're getting the full punch all at once with tretinoin...hence the irritation. Not sure what to recommend other than only apply a tiny amount.

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I know that my insurance only covers the generic tretinoin gel in 0.01 and 0.025, but it covers the cream in 0.025/0.05/0.1 strengths.

I wonder if that's a similar thing with your insurance.

I doubt you'll have much irritation and I hope that the lower version works for maintain your good results. I apologize that I don't have much to contribute other than that since it's been yearsssssssssss since I used RAM and I'm currently using the cream version of tretinoin.

Good luck!

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Hey there--

Don't worry, if you find that the .025% doesn't seem to be "doing it" for you, there are other options. You can purchase a 20 grm tube of the retin-A micro .1% from an online pharmacy without a prescription and it is not that expensive.

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