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Worried I'm Getting Scammed...

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So I have been having acne, dandruff, stomach problems (gas, pain) for a while (2 years maybe) more for certain things. I have taken antibiotics for acne. it didnt work. i have tried many things: vitamin combinations, oils and cleansers, and diets. i feel that certain foods make my skin worse, but nothing will actually make it good. Anyway, I have been going to this guy for certain "food allergy treatments". In a typical session, he can check if I am allergic to something with muscle testing. He does a control by having me hold a vial with the food from something already treated, and I resist his pressure on my arm. Then when he uses a food that I am allergic to he pushes with a small amount of force and my arm goes weak! He then uses a chiropractic adjuster down my back which supposedly stimulates my brain to accept this food. However, I need to avoid the food for 24 hours after the treatment (25 actually. one for good luck or something like that)! Not only is this convenient for every treatment, but try not being able to eat anything with B vitamins for a day and a half! The first thing every practitioner does is eggs. i have been treated maybe 4 times so I should be 100% a-ok a egg white, egg yolk, chicken, tetracycline, and feathers. However, after the latest treatment where I was finally freed of the remaining emotions allergies to egg yolk I basically devoured an entire plate of like 6 scrambled eggs. My stomach felt alright, but my face was not so happy.

Side-note: I only get pimples on my face. None on my back or tricepts, seldom theres a small, non-pus filled pimple on my thighs.

I have also been following white fox's diet and eat a ****load of probiotics and probiotic foods. I began almost exclusively eating probiotic food and water for about 5 days. I am getting pimples still but I had grilled salmon with rice yesterday from a downright bangin' new restaurant near me.

I have done alor of research on gut healing, and I think this might be the key to clear skin (trying to still be more skeptical empirical so that I dont get let down too hard. again.)

I am mainly eating sourkraut that hasnt been pasteurized, tempeh, miso, and kombucha drinks.

I am currently not eating yogurt or kefir. I know I am missing out on a sick party of probiotics by not eating these, but I have deduced a high correlation between me eating dairy and my stomach/skin problems. Perhaps these are just things that easily leak through one's gut.. I pray that one day I will be able to enjoy dairy as much as I could when I was 10.

But really, can someone please give me a list of fruits and vegetables that I am allowed to eat with this modified-paleo-probiotic diet preferable a separate list for fruits and vegetables, in descending order starting with most beneficial (or least harmful to a weak gut!

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There is solid science behind the probiotics and the other stuff in WhiteFox's thread.

Hoever the NAET testing you are doing with the "allergist" is a scam in my opinion.

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I think you should focus more on the gut healing diet, because that will avoid most allergens anyway. Maybe worry less about the NAET stuff since you don't seem to have a good feeling about it. For the record though, you said you had salmon and rice, and rice is definitely not a gut healing food. Not only that, but rice from most mainstream restaurants contains gluten.

You're also eating some soy and that is a big gut no-no. Bad for the body in other ways as well. Fermented is better than not, but I still don't believe any soy is good for you and there are so many better things you could eat.


That site compiles many different sites with info about the specific carb diet, which is basically a gut healing diet like the one you're trying to do. Lot's of good stuff to read there, including a large list of safe/unsafe foods for the diet.

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Focus on your gut and avoid sugar, dairy, and gluten. These are things you'll have to learn not to miss. It's sad but true. Moving on will make things a lot better for you in the long run. If you're having trouble with that then you'll have to let it out in the depression and emotional effects boards instead. When you're ready to accept this then continue researching all you can...

You can actually mixed vegetables together in a juicer and drink them instead of eating them like I do. This way the fibre is removed and you get more nutrients and benefits than vitamins would ever be able to give you. Eat lots of fruit to replace the missing fibre, then only eat "whole foods". Nothing frozen and pre packaged, pre boxed, or canned. Perhaps that will help your other symptoms you've been feeling.

I am sorry, but you didn't state exactly how LONG you have been on this particular diet. You've had acne and bloating for two years, does that mean you've been STRICTLY and RELIGIOUSLY keep up with this diet for two years as well? Have you been drinking enough water as well? Sleeping well? Exercising well? I wish I could just eat well and have my acne go away, I really do, but your body also needs frequent fluids, rest, and frequent motion so that everything circulates at an even pace.

Diets could take a whole, even more than 2 years, to actually work. Just keep it up and make sure you're resting and moving around a great deal.

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