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Breaking Out From Drinking?

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So I've been drinking quite a bit... It's the 2nd week of college wink.png And now I'm breaking out pretty bad. Not only on my face, but on my chest, back, and shoulders too, where acne wasn't a huge problem for me before.

I am (was?) on a gluten free diet and I know that beer isn't gluten free, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Could drinking be making me break out? And if it is, is there something I can do to help with the breakouts? (Besides quitting drinking... too much fun to stop tongue.png)

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Yep. Absolutely. Beer is actually one of the worst possible things I can do to myself. Plus gluten you've got brewers yeast and tons of carbs. Binge drinking beer can seriously mess up gut flora, which is what causes acne "in my opinion", no seriously thats the cause of acne. Take it slow or drink something hard. My drink of choice is tequila its always gluten free and pretty refined. Nevertheless, all alcohol will decrease your immune system and make any ailments worse.

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Yep - alcohol can break you out. Even a small amount of alcohol (doesn't matter what kind) can cause new acne breakouts for me - just one of the reasons I choose not to drink often.

So maybe just try cutting back on the alcohol a little to see if that helps with your skin.

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